Apryl Foster, a waitress from Tampa, Florida, went missing on February 12th. She was reported missing after she failed to turn up the Ulele restaurant for work. Her body was found days later inside her car in Brandon Lake. She was last seen at a Karaoke bar in Ybor City talking to a man but later left on her own.

The police examined footage of several surveillance cameras to which revealed that Foster and the man visited the Bad Monkey Bar prior to Double Decker bar from where she left alone. The last footage was of Foster turning east in her car from 18th Street onto 7th Avenue in Ybor City. Investigators were unable to determine if she was driving the Chevy Aveo with license plate K125YC. However, the car proved to be vital evidence for the Tampa Police Department.

Body identified by fingerprints

Following an extensive search, Tampa police found drowned in a car in the lake at Rain Dance Place and Open Field Loop in Brandon, which was not far from Foster’s home. Detectives were on the job around the clock during the time Foster was reported missing. According to the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office, she was identified by her fingerprints.

One of her friends was of the opinion that Foster got confused in the dark and took a wrong turn. A locked gate blocks access to the lake in the area. However, it was not clear whether the gate was open at the time of the accident. According to the subdivision’s homeowner association president Steve Reiter, he had received a report of a broken lock on the gate on Feb 12th, the evening before Foster went missing. Another resident told Reiter that a car, which appeared to be Foster’s car, was outside the lake for about 50 minutes. Footage from video surveillance cameras were turned over to law enforcement.

Tampa police follow protocol

According to the Tampa police department, they followed protocol in Foster’s case and did not reveal that investigators were of the opinion that it was a DUI case from the outset. The circumstances, media coverage, and reaction from the community were among the major factors that prevented them from revealing any suspicion of DUI.

Laura McElroy, spokesperson for the Tampa police department, said that it was rare to have a missing person’s case where foul play was suspected. While the TPD have not officially commented, sources close to the investigation say that investigators were in possession of video footage from a bar where Foster allegedly consumed a number of alcohol beverages before leaving.

According to a former prosecutor, Bobbi Flowers, the detectives and prosecutors never like to disclose this type of evidence. Tampa FL DUI attorneys say they are also aware of this issue. Such evidence could prove destructive to a future case.

Disturbing and strange

Footage of Foster’s car driving into the lake was captured on a home video security system and handed over to law enforcement by the owner. Flowers said that if the possibility of DUI was known to the public they would have hesitated to come forward with any tips. The footage shows Foster’s car stationary for about 50 minutes a few houses from the boat ramp. The car then drove into the lake. Paranormal Activity comes to mind.