Carlos Trevino Jr., 39, an Iowa City police officer, was placed on administrative leave after being arrested for drunk driving, according to North Liberty police. Police responded to a caller who reportedly found a driver who had passed out in his vehicle at the intersection of North Dubuque Street and North Front Street. They found his car straddling the center line while the engine was still idling.

According to police reports, Trevino’s eyes were blood shot, his speech slurred and he smelled of alcohol. He refused a field sobriety test and was therefore taken to the Coralville Police Department. Toxicology reports indicated blood alcohol content over twice the legal limit at 0.197. According to North Liberty Police Chief Diane Venenga, he was hospitalized and later turned himself in at the Johnson County Jail. He was released after being charged with his first DUI.

Keeping Drivers with Suspended Licenses Off the Road a Tough Task

A terrible crash over two weeks ago in Cedar Rapids has left many people asking questions on Iowa’s DUI laws. 46 year old James Surrett was the focus of a high speed chase of up to 100mph at one point, which led to downtown Cedar Rapids.

As a result of the chase, he struck the car with a pregnant 29-year old Melissa Thomas and her son in it, causing injuries to both. He also collided with a Cedar Rapids Community School District bus in which two staff members and four students escaped without injuries.

Surrett is behind bars after being released from hospital but what is alarming is his 20 year old criminal record, which includes assault, drunk driving and drugs, violation of parole, possession of methamphetamine, and more. According to Linn County’s Sheriff Brian Gardner, he has been slapped with driving charges that are over a page long. This includes 18 different reasons why he is not permitted to drive.

Fast tracking of cases to blame?

According to the Sheriff Gardner, it is hard to keep offenders off the road. If Surrett were to pull over and be charged with driving on a suspended license, he could have been free that day. This is due to the fact that anyone who is arrested with a revoked license has their case fast tracked in a bid to streamline the criminal justice system.

He posted bond after being initially charged with attempt to escape and driving while banned. According to Mingo Iowa DUI attorneys, while the attempt to make sure the justice system isn’t bogged down it is essential to take proper measures to prevent cases like Surrett’s to prevent innocent people from falling victim to irresponsible drivers.

Surrett faces new charges

Thankfully, Surrett may not be off the hook so easily since he also faces multiple charges that includes possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. According to latest reports from Cedar Rapids Police Department, new charges have been filed against Surrett who allegedly threatened and assaulted a woman and took her vehicle. He has been charged with second degree kidnapping.

Why should Surrett ever be free again?

Instead of the charge being filed, Surrett has been slapped with additional charges. This includes first degree harassment, driving without the owner’s consent, false imprisonment, and assault causing bodily harm. Surrett allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill the woman and then confined her against her will before driving away in her vehicle without her consent. Bond was set for $20,000 for the assault and kidnap charges and $15,000 for the pursuit charges.