Every 30 minutes there is a fatality in a DUI related motor vehicle accident. Every hour approximately 67 people are injured in such accidents. Virginia is among the states with tough laws but DUIs occur nonetheless.

No matter what, dangerous DUI drivers are a menace. Now sometimes the police like to write bogus DUI tickets which they do all the time in Sacramento. This is another reason not to live in a broken city because DUI and speeding tickets are another way to raise funds.

A DUI conviction can potentially result in heavy fines, probation, jail time, and community service. So if you are arrested for a DUI your life will undoubtedly be adversely affected in terms of finances and personal issues as well.

Starbucks may be expensive but it is about the same price as a beer at a bar anyway! You do not drink a six pack of mochas do you?! If you drink several beers, do not drive! That is where you go wrong. If you do make a mistake, get on USAttorneys.com so you can prepare for court in the best way possible.

However, DUI lawyers in Norfolk, VA, who can be found on the amazing website USAttorneys.com which is shattering box office records every day (OK, that is a little exaggeration but it does save lives every day because it is user friendly and substantial and it costs you nothing to use!), reiterate that there are things that anyone who is arrested for a DUI can do to have their charge reduced or dismissed depending on several factors.

Prove you were sitting behind the wheel and not driving

In a typical scenario you are charged with a DUI after an officer has asked you to pull over. Therefore you cannot deny that you were driving.

This defense works if you were by the roadside and an officer pulled over to investigate. In this situation you can claim that you were just sitting behind the wheel and had not been driving. However, in many states this can lead to a DUI charge even if the suspect was merely sitting behind the wheel and not driving. In some states the ignition must be turned on.

Prove that the arresting officer made an error

Legal experts point out that depending on the circumstances they can often make the evidence furnished by the prosecution inadmissible in court. This is possible when the arresting officer cannot show a valid reason (reasonable cause or suspicion) for asking you to stop or did not follow correct legal procedures during the search of the vehicle. The terrific news is that in DUI cases the evidence provided by the police is often the only proof and hence such cases are dropped.

There is also other news worth reporting.

According to the NHTSA, the number of drunk/drugged driving fatalities has decreased from 50% in 1982 to 30% in 2014. Is this because humans have become more in control or because of airbags and other safety technologies in cars? Not sure and this is another subject too.

This means those same police can focus on other things such as tracking gangsters and rapists and with Trump in office, they will actually be supported in doing so. The previous president did not care about justice nor America that is why, in regards to the latter, he did his best to transform America into a weak European like vassal state but this is another topic.

Challenge the credibility of the officer’s testimony

The defense is often able to challenge the credibility of the evidence and the arresting officer’s testimony although this is a tough proposition. Often litigators ask their clients if they have a witness who can contradict the arresting officer’s testimony in a credible manner or if they have convincing evidence such as a video indicating that the driver was not under the influence.

Prove that you were not alcohol-impaired

Breathalyzers and other testing equipment often produce inaccurate results. Your legal rep will work on that strategy if they feel there is a possibility of faulty equipment being used in a breath test or a blood draw.

If the officer testifies that you were apprehended with bloodshot eyes then you can show that you suffer from allergic reactions that causes blood shot eyes or that you were sleep deprived at that time (but you should not be driving when you were tired but desperate times call for desperate measures). Often defendants escape any legal consequences by proving that the effects of medication caused their speech to slur.

If you are arrested or charged with a DUI it would be prudent to consult a sensational DUI lawyer in Virginia to start preparing for your defense. It is important to understand that time is of the essence as your attorney will have limited time to prepare a strategy to bail you out or have your sentence reduced.

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