Richmond, VA- Have you been charged with a DUI in Virginia? If so, you may be wondering if you should agree to a plea bargain of wet reckless? Such a plea agreement will result in reduced penalties and fines, but you need to understand the pros and cons of agreeing to a wet reckless charge.

Shortly after you are arrested, you may be approached by prosecutors and offered a plea bargain for wet reckless which is a reckless driving charge in which alcohol or drugs was involved. According to the Law Dictionary, prosecutors usually offer these plea bargains when an alleged offender’s blood alcohol concentration is borderline; they did not cause an accident, or they have no prior DUI arrests.

A plea bargain for wet reckless results in lenient penalties, but there is no guarantee you will be offered a plea bargain which is a very good reason for you to retain a DUI defense attorney to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. Let USAttorneys connect you with a lawyer to begin working on your case.

As we said before the circumstances surrounding your arrest will have a bearing on whether or not you are able to secure a plea bargain for wet reckless.  Take your blood alcohol limit for instance. If your blood alcohol concentration is right on the borderline of 0.08, Virginia’s legal limit, you may get an offer for a reduced charge of wet reckless. Sometimes the breathalyzers used by local law enforcement to prove you are intoxicated can easily malfunction and give an inaccurate read. You may also get a plea bargain if the breathalyzers used by local law enforcement were not calibrated correctly or regularly maintained.

Before you decide if a wet reckless plea bargain is the right way to resolve your case, let USAttorneys connect you with a DUI lawyer near you in Richmond, Virginia and discuss the pros and cons of a plea bargain.

The penalties for wet reckless are less severe than a DUI conviction and can include up to 90 days in prison and fines suspension of your driver’s license. There is no automatic suspension of your driver’s license if you agree to a wet reckless charged but the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles can decide to suspend your license. You also face up to a year of probation for a wet reckless charge.

It is important that you know that a wet reckless will be counted as a DUI charge if you are accused of a second or subsequent DUI offense.

If you have been charged with a DUI and want to see if you are eligible for a plea bargain, let USAttorneys can connect you with a DUI lawyer near you in Virginia who will help you decide how to resolve your case with as little pain as possible.