St. Paul, MN- If you were charged with a DWI in St. Paul, you probably have a long list of questions. One of your questions may be: Can I get a plea bargain? Is that the best way to handle my case? Fortunately, under Minnesota law, you are allowed to seek a plea bargain of wet reckless, so our team of DUI lawyers in St. Paul, Minnesota will explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of entering a plea of wet reckless.

Most DWI and criminal cases are resolved before you step into a courtroom through plea bargains. Such bargains give DWI offenders the opportunity to reduce their charges by pleading guilty to a wet reckless charge. Prosecutors don’t have to offer you a plea bargain, so USAttorneys recommends you speak with a defense lawyer if that is the route you want to pursue as part of your defense strategy.

In what situation can I be offered a wet reckless plea bargain?

There are several reasons why a prosecutor may offer a plea bargain for wet reckless. One of the more common reasons is because the offender’s blood alcohol concentration is borderline and a conviction will be harder to secure. A plea bargain is sometimes off the table in the offender caused a serious accident or they have prior DWI convictions.

Suspected faulty breathalyzers is another reason a prosecutor may offer a plea bargain. Sometimes breathalyzers are not in proper working order and give inaccurate readings. Perhaps the breathalyzers used by local law enforcement are not calibrated properly or maintained on a regular basis. One of our experienced DWI lawyers will be aware if there are any issues with breathalyzers in your area and can use that knowledge to secure a plea bargain or build a defense.

You may also have personal circumstances that can influence whether you will be offered a plea deal. For instance, a single mother whose BAC was low could be seen as someone who deserves a break in the eyes of a prosecutor.

If you agree to a plea bargain of wet reckless, the penalties will be minimal. You probably aren’t going to be sent to jail, and you probably won’t lose your license, but you will have to pay costly fines. Also, if you happen to be arrested and charged with another DWI within ten years of your first arrest, a wet reckless charge with count as a DWI. You can also expect to pay higher insurance premiums if you are charged with wet reckless.

When you retain one of our DWI lawyer in St. Paul, Minnesota, they will look at facts of your case and begin looking for an effective defense strategy. If you want an unassailable defense, USAttorneys can connect you with a local lawyer to work on your case and stand up for your rights. Call a Minnesota defense lawyer today and get advice that will help you avoid a DWI conviction. They’ll answer your questions.