While there is nothing wrong with going out for a drink or two with some friends or family, one thing you must be cognizant of is your own personal limits. If you are responsible for driving yourself or someone else home, you don’t want to be impaired nor do you want to operate your vehicle with that is known as a “buzz.” A “buzz” is a word that many refer to when they get to a certain point after drinking that isn’t quite drunk, but their body is mildly effected from the alcohol.  One thing many often overlook is the fact that buzzed driving is considered drunk driving.

Caught driving buzzed? Facing DUI charges? You are going to need a Baton Rouge DUI lawyer immediately to represent your case.

Buzzed driving is equivalent to drunk driving. A person can be charged with DUI if they are exhibited driving recklessly even with a BAC below 0.08.

What is Buzzed Driving?

Buzzed driving is when a person has consumed alcohol and are just starting to feel the effects of it, but haven’t reached a BAC, blood-alcohol content level, of 0.08. A buzzed driver would typically have a BAC of 0.01-0.07, however, even with such small amounts, a person might experience a hazy feeling and find it hard to concentrate on the roadway. And this is the very reason why buzzed driving is viewed as drunk driving. According to guardianinterlock.com, a driver who is experiencing a buzz might lose hand/eye coordination, their vision might be affected, and their reflexes may be altered to where they aren’t as responsive as they should be when behind the wheel of their vehicle.

All of these factors are essential to have possession of when driving and are what help us avoid engaging in an accident. But, what if your vision is blurred or your hands are too tired to turn the wheel to avoid hitting another vehicle? That’s when your buzz could cause you to be charged with DUI. And if you know anything about DUI charges in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you know they are serious infractions and could cause you to spend some time in jail and even result in you being put on probation.

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How Can I Avoid Driving with a Buzz?

The most effective way of ensuring you don’t put yourself in a position to drive after having consumed any amounts of alcohol is to have a plan in place that allows you to get home. There are various companies available that will come and pick you up and all you need is a cellphone to request the ride. One simple call could save you from being charged with DUI as you never know what you might encounter once you commit to driving after drinking. And regardless of whether it was one drink or four, you run the risk of harming yourself or others if you can’t seem to drive your vehicle in the manner required by law.