Is it Possible to Get a DUI Charge Thrown Out?

DUI convictions are some of the worst to have on your record. Not only could a DUI charge land you behind bars, but it can also cause you to lose your driving privileges, incur higher car insurance rates, and impact future employment options. 

If you were charged with DWI in Michigan but believe an error was made either during your arrest or while having a blood, urine, or breath sample collected, it’s time you begin your search for attorneys near me. 


If your rights were violated during your DWI arrest, you may qualify to have your charges dismissed.


Despite how you may have been treated during your DWI arrest, you do have rights and if any of those were violated in the process of you being detained, it could halt certain charges from being pushed through. A DWI attorney in Michigan can determine if one or more of your rights were violated and how this act(s) could be used to potentially get your charges lowered or thrown out.


Additional errors made during your DWI arrest could also lead to a dismissal of charges.


In the event another type of error was made at the time of your DWI arrest, such as a mislabeling of a blood sample, you could potentially use this to get your charges reduced or thrown out. 

A Michigan man arrested for drunk driving recently watched the DWI charge fall off his record after it was determined that “the court order authorizing a blood sample didn’t have the man’s name, only the jail,” reports Fox News (1).

While the arrest stems back to 2020, it wasn’t until the beginning of August 2022 that the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that “the warrant did not identify [the] defendant and ostensibly authorized a blood draw from any inmate” at the jail, Fox News shared. 

Although the prosecutor made every attempt to charge the man, the court believed the error was enough to dismiss the charge.


Find out if your DWI charge qualifies for dismissal


Whether you were charged with DWI in Ingham, Clinton, or Eaton County, Michigan DWI attorney Stuart R. Shafer is prepared to assist you through this troubling time. 

In addition to helping you understand the charges you’re up against and what your options might be, criminal attorney Stuart R. Shafer will also look into whether your rights were upheld and the likelihood of you being able to get your charges reduced or dismissed

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