The unfortunate truth is that jail time is almost always required if a person gets arrested for a DUI crime in Cocoa, Florida. The amount of time the driver is required to spend in jail depends a lot on how many other violations occurred while they were driving under the influence, the severity of their actions, and of course, their previous criminal record.

Naturally, if this a first-time offense and it did not involve any other violations such as an accident resulting in serious bodily injury or severe property damage then the jail time and other legal consequences a person will be subjected to by the court will not be very harsh.

However, if a person violated the rights of others and caused a lot of harm while they were drunk and behind the wheel, they will be subjected to much longer jail time and other serious penalties as well.

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Exactly how much jail time will I have to face for DUI in Cocoa, Florida?

If a person gets arrested for DUI they will have to face up to six months of jail time. This ruling only goes for a regular DUI offense which was committed for the first time. However, if there are other variables involved such as a car accident, small injuries or property damage then the crime will be elevated to a first-degree misdemeanor and the jail time will be extended up to one full year or 12 months.

The charges escalate rapidly, however, if someone is hurt very badly or killed due to a person’s drunk driving. In such a case, the crime will be classified as a third, second, or first-degree felony depending on the seriousness of the harm caused and the driver can face up to 30 years in prison.

Whether a person committed a standard DUI offense or whether they are charged with Vehicular homicide along with DUI, the fact is they will most likely be subjected to jail time. This can be a life-changing sentence for many individuals, especially for those who had a clean record to begin with.

The important thing to note is that the jail time for each offense is highly variable. Anyone who wants to try and have these penalties lifted should contact a drunk driving accident lawyer in Cocoa, FL as soon as they possibly can.

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Why hire a drunk driving accident lawyer?

The main benefit of having a legal professional fighting on one’s side is that a person will be able to request the court to reduce their penalties in a way that will most likely be approved by the law. No one wants to have to spend time in jail along with having their driver’s license suspended for a one-time mistake. An attorney can help a driver present their case in the most convincing manner possible to get appropriate leniency from the judge.