Baltimore, MD- Some states have tough DUI laws and others don’t. Maryland is among the states that don’t have according to a new study conducted by Wallet Hub. In fact, Maryland is among seven states with most lenient DUI laws.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, recently analyzed the DUI laws in all fifty states and ranked them from the toughest—that’s Arizona– to the most lenient—that’s South Dakota at number 51 (District of Columbia is included in the study). As it turns out, Maryland comes in at number 45 on the list.

WalletHub looks at over a dozen different metrics to rank a state’s DUI laws, including mandatory minimum jail sentences, fines, license suspension periods and whether or not an ignition interlock device is required.

In Maryland, there is no minimum jail sentence. A judge can impose a two-day sentence for a DWI conviction or a one-year sentence for DUI, but there is no minimum jail requirement. The minimum jail requirement for a second DUI in Maryland is five days.

Even though an individual isn’t likely to end up in jail for their first DUI, there are other consequences for a DUI arrest and conviction. The lenient DUI laws and penalties are a plus for the person who has been charged with a DUI, but they are also a danger because lenient laws aren’t effective deterrents. States are moving towards stricter DUI laws and Maryland is likely to follow suit. In spite of the state’s lenient DUI laws, there are still some troublesome penalties including fines ranging between $500 and $1,000 and six months of license suspension. Additionally, a DUI in Baltimore and the rest of the state will stay on a person’s record for five years.

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