Uber has served as reliable form of transportation for many individuals in California as well as provided jobs for those seeking more income. There is no doubt that Uber has transformed the world of ride-sharing and seems to be coming up with new ways for people to get to and from their destination, however, they are lacking in the field of ensuring their drivers are following state laws.

It sounds as though Uber isn’t taking much initiative against riders who have a complaint filed against them for driving while intoxicated. The ride-sharing company is now faced with a steep fine for failing to abide by state laws.

Whether it is a taxi cab driver, a bus driver, or an Uber driver, all are required to abide by California’s drunk driving laws. That means no drinking and driving and no operating their vehicle while under the influence of any sort of substance or drug. Individuals who work in these fields where they are required to safely get someone to point A or point B not only have themselves to be concerned about, but the lives of those that step foot into their vehicle. As of lately, Uber seems to be receiving far too many complaints filed against their drivers and they aren’t exactly doing anything to stop it.

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Where Has the Company Gone Wrong?

According to San Francisco CBS Local News, Uber is now facing a fine of $1.13 million “for failing to investigate and/or suspend drivers who are reported by a passenger to be intoxicated.” One thing the ride-share company promises is safety for all riders, however, these accusations say otherwise. And although they claim everyone has an extensive background check performed prior to being permitted to use their vehicle for ride-sharing, that too could be questioned considering the current circumstances.

What Law is Uber Breaking that Has Resulted in this Fine?

Companies such as Uber who offer the services they do are expected to have a “zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.” With all the complaints pouring in, it would seem as though investigators assigned to look into this issue “found no evidence that Uber followed up in any way with zero-tolerance complaints several hours or even one full day after passengers filed such complaints.” And here is why Uber may be required to fulfill that fine that was imposed on the company. According to reports, Uber had 2,047 zero-tolerance complaints filed against them between August 2014 through August 2015. Only 574 of those complaints resulted in banning of the workers.

Either Uber begins following the state laws and forbidding any driver caught under the influence to operate as an Uber driver or they continue to face the fines and potentially lose their status as one of the leading forms of ride-sharing transportation. DUI charges aren’t anything to toy with and Uber may be in for a rude awakening if they continue to ignore the complaints being filed.

Driving while under the influence is a serious infraction and if you are currently facing this charge, you are encouraged to consult with a nearby San Francisco DUI lawyer who can further help you through your case.