Miami, FL- It’s been months but finally teen- sensation Justin Bieber has decided on a plea bargain for his Miami DUI arrest and luckily for him the worst of the charges were dropped. So, that means no DUI and no probation for the Biebs.

To recap, Bieber was busted in January  when officers allegedly saw him and one of his entourage drag racing along Miami Beach. He was stopped and charged with a number of counts; drag racing, drunken driving, stoned driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. But as it turns out, Bieber was neither drunk nor drag racing but he did have marijuana in his system.

TMZ, which must have operatives in the every courthouse in this country, reported that after four months Bieber’s attorney and judge have come to terms on the conditions of his plea bargain.

The Canadian immigrant pleaded guilty to reckless driving, but all other charges will be dismissed. He will have to attend anger management classes, pay a fine, but he won’t be on probation.  Even better, once he meets the requirements of the plea bargain, the reckless driving charge will be wiped from his record. That’s what a DUI attorney can do for you!

TMZ reported that securing the deal took so long because the judge in Bieber’s case wanted him to produce and star in an anti-drug PSA. A move his attorney said was inappropriate and the prosecutors agreed.

Another thing tying up negotiations was the judge’s insistence Bieber participate on a drug/ alcohol education program. His legal team said “No” because they said their client doesn’t have substance abuse problem and taking those courses would be an admission he does.

The possibility of probation also tied up the deal. Apparently Bieber’s attorney wanted him to avoid what TMZ described as, “falling into the Lindsay Lohan abyss every time he violates a law.”

So, Bieber won this one; there will be no jail or probation and definitely no deportation. (We know some of you out there was hoping that would happen. The White House said it wasn’t going to happen, but this seals the deal.)

In the states that allow a plea bargain it is often a DUI offenders best chance of minimizing the penalties of a DUI and having some of their charges against them reduced or dismissed. A plea bargain is not as simple pleading guilty in exchange for a less sentence. Negotiations can take time and are best handled by a DUI attorney to assure you get the best deal possible.

It’s important to note that when you agree to a plea bargain will be pleading guilty to a charge, typically reckless driving and you will still have a record. But the penalties will be far less troublesome than a DUI conviction.

Plea bargains are not appropriate for everyone but they can offer some reprieve from a more serious charge or charges. And most initial offers aren’t the best deal so it’s in your best interest to contact a Florida DUI attorney to discuss the details or your case and the best way to approach your defense.