Allentown, PA- Have you been charged with drunk driving in St. Louis? Are you wondering what comes next? You probably know you have legal troubles ahead but aren’t sure what to do about them and how you can minimize the impact. You’re not alone; most people are unaware of the consequences of a DWI and what legal remedies they have. That is why our team of DWI lawyers in Kansas City wanted to discuss what steps you need to take to resolve your DWI charges with minimal legal ramifications.

The first consequence of your DWI is having your license suspended immediately. The state will suspend your driver’s license before you are convicted. You can challenge an immediate suspension, but you need a DWI defense lawyer to argue on your behalf and explain to the court why you deserve a provisional license. If you plan on challenging your license suspension, you need to act fast and speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

The next step is deciding on what plea to enter. That is a decision you should only make after getting the advice of a defense lawyer. They will look at the facts of your case and decide if you should pursue a plea bargain for “wet reckless” or if you should challenge your charges in trial court. You can count on our team to steer you in the right direction.

USAttorneys strongly recommends you challenging your DWI charges. You may be tempted to take the easy way out and agree to plead guilty or accept a plea bargain, but that may be a mistake. For a first-time DWI conviction in Missouri carries, you could be sentenced up to six months in jail, ordered to pay fines up to $500 and could have your license suspended for 30 days or more. You can also be ordered to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, the costs of which will have to come out of your pocket.

On top of the above consequences, a DWI conviction will remain on your record for five years, so if you are charged with another DWI over that period, you will face a repeat offense and more severe consequences. What’s more, a DWI conviction will affect your job and other aspects of your personal life.

You’ll benefit in many ways if you enlist a DWI defense attorney in Missouri to work on your case. USAttorneys can connect you with a lawyer to assist you with the various aspects of your DWI case. Set up a consultation today and see what you should do next and how you can avoid damaging your defense. You have more to lose with a DWI conviction than you realize, so get the advice of an expert before you make a decision that could have an impact on your life.