One of the main stars from the hit show Jackass was arrested this past weekend in California for DUI. Bam Margera was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers who happened to be in the area patrolling when they noticed he was talking on his cellphone while driving. After making contact with Margera, officers began witnessing signs of possible intoxication and then asked the star to take part in a field sobriety test. The results of the test indicated he had consumed alcohol, although his BAC level wasn’t disclosed, which then led to his arrest. Margera was then released after posting a $15,000 bail.

While there isn’t an excuse that can be made for driving while intoxicated, luckily this is Margera’s first DUI arrest. But this isn’t the first time Margera has consumed alcohol in large quantities resulting in impaired judgment. The Inquirer stated that he may have had a drinking problem for some time now. Margera admitted to People Magazine that there was a point where he hit rock bottom and because of the bone spurs he had, he could no longer indulge in his hobby of skateboarding. He began going out to nightclubs and making appearances which then led to drinking, and lots of it. He even stated that there were times where he woke up in his own puke.

Taking things back a little further, Margera also mentioned that he drank a lot during the production of the show Jackass. He stated that the more he drank during the show, the braver he would be which in return led to him engaging in acts that were even more outlandish and insane than the one before. But, the crazier the stunt, the more entertaining it was for viewers, which is likely why he continued to drink.

While Margera claims he stopped drinking after realizing the downward spiral it was taking him in, his recent DUI arrest shows he may still need to seek help, and he should start by obtaining it from a California DUI attorney who can represent his case.

Although things may be looking a little rough for the TV star, Margera has plenty to look forward to as his first son was recently born and has family who is willing to help get him back on track and off drinking. Margera’s friend and fellow Jackass star Ryann Dunn passed away in 2011 after driving drunk which proves why he and anyone else should refrain from drinking and driving.

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