For the most part, a DUI charge does not necessarily mean a dewey conviction. If you act quickly and build a fool proof defense, you may well stand a great chance of defending yourself against the claims of the prosecution and even beating your charge completely.

There are many DUI defense strategies that marvelous dewey lawyers in Jersey City, NJ often employ to protect their clients from a possible DUI conviction. What you need to understand in terms of a DUI arrest is that there are many conditions that need to be met by the arresting officer.

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To begin with, the arresting officer needs to have a reason to pull you over. Secondly, he should have probable cause for suspicion to be able to subject you to sobriety testing. Similarly, there are many other things an officer has to abide by. As a result, there are many ways in which a DUI charge can be beaten.

Probable cause for arrest

According to New Jersey DUI attorneys, the US Constitution prevents law enforcement from unreasonably arresting an individual. Therefore, when an arrest is made, the arresting officer needs to have good reason/cause for doing so. This is one of the things that may be challenged in a DUI trial by the defendant in order to beat his/her DUI charge.

Things like gut feeling or a hunch is not considered probable cause. There needs to be some evidence. Some of the things that qualify as probable cause are – if an officer see’s an open container of alcohol inside the car, if the officer smells alcohol on the person, if the suspect’s eyes are blurry and speech is slurred, and so forth.

If you feel that the officer arrested you without any solid evidence, you may have a good case in which your legal team will be able to have the charges potentially dismissed.

Probable cause for pulling over

Not only does the officer require probable cause to arrest you but also requires probable cause just to be able to pull you over. Unless you drive through a DUI checkpoint, law enforcement officers can only pull you over if you violated a traffic law (speeding, jumping a red light, not maintaining lane) or if your car plates come back as stolen/expired, explain Jersey City, NJ DUI lawyers.

Yet again, if you feel you were pulled over for no apparent reason, then you can have your case dismissed by arguing this point.

Now in the movie The Transporter with Frank Martin (Jason Statham) he had multiple license plates for the same car. He was very professional that way and devious. His job was illegal but he was not necessarily a bad person. Anyways, his plates were probably not stolen and they were certainly not expired.

Now if a police officer in France (that is where he operated and lived) ever checked the VIN with one of those extra license plates then Martin would have been caught. But Martin probably would not allow this to happen, he would not allowed to be pulled over.

Martin probably would not ever receive a dewey anyhow. Martin would never need a DUI lawyer in Jersey City, NJ but he could use perhaps for other issues he could encounter.

Disproving breathalyzer results

Recent scientific studies have shown that breathalyzer machines are not accurate. Not only are they not accurate but actually register breath alcohol content and not blood alcohol content. Furthermore, these machines require careful and diligent calibration before being used. Considering all of this, breathalyzer machine results or evidence derived from a breathalyzer may be questioned and easily disproved with aggressive representation by a New Jersey DUI lawyer.