In New Jersey, anyone who is caught for driving under the influence can be severely penalized for their lack of responsibility. DUI is considered a serious traffic violation and individuals arrested for this crime should act fast and reach out to a lawyer to help them with their legal defense so they can increase their chances of having their penalties reduced. It is important to note that a DUI offense is not considered a criminal offense in New Jersey.

The legalities of being charged with a DUI first come into effect when a person is pulled over by a police officer under the suspicion of driving while intoxicated. A person must make sure they comply with the officer and give a BAC test without resistance as this is expected of them. The officer may further ask a person to carry out other sobriety tests such as walking in a straight line and trying to follow their finger with their eyes. If a person agrees to do these tests, they should focus as much as possible, and if they feel like the results were unfair, they should call a DUI attorney to get more advice on their situation.

If the police officer conducts the tests and they feel like a person is intoxicated, the officers will detain the individual and bring them into the police station to conduct yet another test which is usually the stationary version of a breath analyzer test. In some cases, the police officer in charge of the case may also ask for blood and urine samples. It is important that a person responds positively to these tests because if they fail to do so, they can even have their license revoked and this is not something to be taken lightly.

Since a DUI is considered a traffic violation and not a criminal offense, the driver will usually not be required to make bail or be held overnight. This only occurs in situations where there is a crime linked to the DUI as well. Once the person is released from the police station and given their traffic ticket, the court date will be decided, and a person will need to connect with an attorney to get proper and relevant advice on what steps they need to take next to succeed in their case.

Decreasing a DUI Charge in Jersey City, NJ

The punishment the driver gets will be based on the percentage of blood-alcohol content that was measured at the scene of the accident and at the time the arrest took place. The only chance a person has on decreasing the penalty is by creating a proper defense and trying to prove that they had a legally acceptable reason to be in their situation or to prove that there was some sort of discrepancy during the arrest that nullifies the BAC results.

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