Tuscaloosa, AL- It’s the holidays, so statistically speaking, DUI arrests are going to increase from now until after New Year’s Day. Police across the country were out in force this weekend to catch intoxicated drivers and thousands were arrested including two that made national headlines.

One of the arrests involved Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and the other, University of Arizona wide receiver Samajie Grant.

Action News 19 reported that early Saturday morning, police in Cleveland, Ohio arrested Manziel’s “bodyguard” for driving under the influence in the quarterback’s car. Manziel wasn’t in his car at the time, but his vehicle was impounded.

The man arrested Saturday was the same man involved in a fight between Manziel and a belligerent drunk man a week earlier, hence the man being referred to as Manziel’s bodyguard, Action News 19 reported. The man is question is actually Manziel’s roommate according to multiple resources.

As of Sunday evening, police hadn’t charge Manziel’s pal with DUI, nor had he been charged for the fight a week earlier. But he was still sitting in jail.

Once he has been formally charged with a DUI, Manziel’s unidentified friend should contact a DUI attorney immediately to begin working on his case. A DUI may seem like a common or routine charge, but a conviction for the charge can have dire consequences so the accused needs to launch a defense as soon as they are able.

Also on Saturday, far away from Cleveland, University of Arizona wide receiver Samajie Grant was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana in Pima County.

Arizona Central reported that Grant was pulled over in Camaro, carrying several passengers, early Saturday morning after an officer noticed his the lights around for his license plate were not working. The officer also noticed signs of impairment prior to pulling the Wildcat over.

The arresting officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Grant, who does not have a valid driver’s license, submitted to field sobriety tests which he performed poorly on and was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, underage possession of alcohol under age 21 and DUI along with operating with a valid driver’s license.

University of Arizona acknowledge Grant’s arrest and suspended him from an upcoming game.

Coach Rich Rodriguez said in a statement, “After communicating with Samajie, local law enforcement and our athletics administration, we’ve decided that the appropriate form of action is to make sure Samajie receives counseling and takes part in community-service activities.”

Since marijuana use is prevalent in US, Alabama DUI attorneys are well-versed in laws regarding this charge and are capable of building a strong defense that will give a person the opportunity to avoid conviction or plead to a lesser charge.  The penalties for drugged driving are the same as driving under the influence of alcohol so it’s important for anyone facing a DUI to have legal representation; it’s their best bet at negating some of the more serious penalties.