24-year old Caroline Callaway was arrested back in February of 2013. She was initially pulled over for failing to yield at a red light. According to the arresting Officer Patrick Oborski, her breath smelt strongly of alcohol. Callaway was not cooperative and refused a breathalyzer test. The arrest report states that Callaway had said to Oborski that she was making her way home from the Dogwood restaurant and bar but had not had any alcoholic beverages.

Naturally clumsy!

As per a Statesmen report, video footage taken from Oborski’s dashboard camera shows Callaway unwilling to take field sobriety tests by saying that she naturally had very poor balance. At this point, the suspicious officer put her in the back of the police car when she started to lose her temper. Oborski described Callaway’s conduct as being disorderly and defiant. Finally she had to be put in a restraining chair and blood was drawn from her body without her consent.

So no DUI?!

Her blood alcohol content registered 0.137 which is above the legal limit of 0.08, according to Dumas, TX DUI attorneys. Her DUI attorney was able to convince the jurors that her blood test results should be dismissed based on the fact that it was drawn from her in a violent manner. Her attorney also argued that there was a fantastic chance that the samples may have been tampered with. After 3 hours of contemplation, the jurors finally announced their verdict and found Callaway to be not guilty.

Woman sues Austin city and Travis County for forcible blood draw

Caroline Callaway who was found not guilty by a jury of her peers in a drunken driving case has now filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Austin and Travis County alleging that she was subjected to life-threatening brutality by the Austin Police Department when they restrained her and drew blood from her body without her consent. The lawsuit further claims that Callaway suffers from an anxiety disorder and was shaking and the officers aggravated her condition by putting a bag over her head and making it harder for her to breathe properly.

Callaway should be charged with a DUI

Many people believe Callaway is completely wrong in this case and she attempted to murder someone on the road because she chose to drive drunk and to drive sloppily.

Another incident of police brutality in Texas

Texas State Police Officer Ben Johnson has come under the scanner after an anonymous man videotaped him violently throwing a suspected drunk driver on to the road as she was resisting arrest. According to a NY Daily News report, the victim, Viviana Keith, was eventually arrested and charged with DWI by Round Rock Police and is currently being held in jail with a bruised face and a black eye because she does not know how to listen.

The shocking video that has now gone viral on the Internet, and through social media, shows Johnson literally slamming Keith onto the road with such force that her head bounces off the road and she becomes unresponsive because she would not do what she was told. She may have been driving drunk with her 6-year old daughter in the car!

Johnson is still employed but will soon be subjected to an investigation. It is not known whether Keith has a DUI attorney or not. If she needs one, there are fantastic attorneys all over the leading legal site known as USAttorneys.com. After the Keith was finally subdued she became immediately unconscious while medics rushed to the scene to resuscitate her but certainly not to continue possibly driving drunk with her child in the car!