Miami, FL-Justin Bieber is has turned down a plea bargain from Florida prosecutors because he doesn’t want to submit to random drug testing. But prosecutors warned the 19 year-old that he could spend time behind bars if he doesn’t take the deal they are offering.

According to TMZ, Florida prosecutors offered to drop the resisting arrest and DUI charges if Bieber agrees to submit to random drug testing, participate in an alcohol treatment program, serve 40 hours of community service, and have an ignition interlock device installed in his car (cars?).

The Biebs would have to take the drug tests no matter where he is in world, and would have to pay for those tests out of his own pocket, which he can afford but he’s worried about violating his probation. He would also be required to submit his travel plans to the court and participate in a victim impact panel.

Prosecutors said Bieber needs to take their plea bargain for reckless driving or he could be sentenced to jail if he’s found guilty.

But Bieber’s attorneys are willing to take a chance before a judge and they could be successful helping the teen singer beat the DUI charges since police officers have been accused of lying about how fast Bieber was driving before his arrest and smelling alcohol on his breath.

GPS from the Lamborghini Bieber was driving showed his speed was a reasonable 27mph and he his blood alcohol level was .014. He’s underage and it’s illegal for him to have any alcohol in his system, but .014 hardly makes Bieber and egregious offender.

A drug test showed the 19 year-old had THC and Xanax in his system at the time, but just having those two substances in his system doesn’t necessarily mean he was actually impaired at the time of his arrest, at least that’s what a DUI attorney would argue in court.

Bieber’s March 3rd trial has been delayed because of a court battle over surveillance video taken at the police station after his arrest. Various news agencies including the Miami Herald and CBS News have asked the police to release jailhouse videos of Bieber which includes footage of him urinating.

News agencies have been wrangling with Biebers attorneys the past couple of weeks about the almost 10 hours of footage. They argue that is their right to have access to the video footage under Florida’s public records law.

But Bieber’s attorneys say he has the right to privacy, and doesn’t deserve to have his penis put on display. The video footage shows Bieber urinating a few times while in police custody.

Scott Ponce, the attorney representing the Miami Herald and CBS, said,“I don’t think the public has a right to see his penis,” but he argued that the urine test was part of his arrest and therefore the public record.

“I believe the public has a right to see him standing behind a wall doing what we know is urinating,” Ponce said in court.

The judge will make a decision about the video on March 3rd and delayed Bieber’s DUI hearing until the matter of video footage has been settled.

TMZ reported Bieber isn’t against the notion of a plea bargain he just doesn’t want the one he was offered. His attorneys are likely capable of providing a good DUI defense so it might be in Bieber’s best interest to hold out for a better plea bargain.