Miami, FL- Justin Bieber won’t be feeling  the love this Valentine’s Day as he is set to appear in a Miami court to be arraigned on charges of driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, and resisting arrest. However, he may not even have to show up in court and may be able to enter his plea in writing.

The 19 year-old pop star and R&B artist Khalil Amir Sharieff were arrested late Sunday night after being caught drag racing a Lamborghini and Ferrari through a residential area in Miami Beach. The arrogant teens even went so far as to block off two roads so they could have a clear raceway.

Their joyrides didn’t last long before they were stopped by police, who noticed both Bieber and Sharieff, appeared to be intoxicated. Field sobriety tests confirmed their suspicions and the two young men were arrested and charged with DUI and drag racing among other charges, all minor.

Bieber was pretty indignant about being arrested asking the cop “What the f*** did I do? Why did you stop me?”

But after he copped an attitude with police, Bieber admitted to drinking a beer, smoking marijuana and taking prescription drugs. His blood alcohol content was .014 and .011, which is below the legal limit of .08, according to CNN.  But Bieber is under the legal drinking age and Florida, like many states, has a zero tolerance policy towards teen DUI drivers.

Police also took a urine sample to test for drugs but those results will take two to three weeks. Those results could be more damning than his BAC.

He retained a high-powered celebrity lawyer Roy Black who helped Rush Limbaugh with drug charges a few years back. Black has also represented Kelsey Grammar, Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis and helped William Kennedy Smith, member of the iconic Kennedy family, get  acquitted of rape charges in 1991. So the Biebs won’t have to worry too much about his DUI and resisting arrest—it’s unclear if he will still face the drag racing charges.

After his arrest, an online petition was started, demanding Bieber be deported back to Canada—there appears to be a lot of Bieber haters here. But, the fact is, ICE rarely deports immigrants, much less ones who emigrated legally, for a charge as minor as a DUI—it’s misdemeanor and will, at most, cost the Biebs a few thousand dollars, maybe his driver’s license and minimal probation. Anyhow, Bieber’s license is already suspended.

The DUI arrest is not the only legal trouble Bieber is facing at the moment. California police are still investigating an incident in which Bieber has been accused of throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house causing close to $20,000 in damages. During a raid, police also found drugs, which police suspect is MDMA, in Bieber’s mansion.

Florida now has the distinction of being the state that threw the privileged teen celeb in jail. Question is: Has Bieber learned his lesson? Probably not.