A bridge along Interstate 670 had to be inspected by the Missouri Department of Transportation last week after a truck carrying asphalt slammed into a concrete barrier. As per a report from KSHB Kansas City, The driver of the asphalt truck, Shay Michael Thompson, has been arrested and charged with DUI. he was given a sobriety test on the spot and did not pass. For commercial vehicles, the legal limit is 0.04 percent, and officials say Thompson was over it.

Thompson, 24, is a driver for Seal-O-Matic Paving Company. His supervisor, Miles Jaben, was surprised by the incident, but stated that the company is fully investigating. “This is a major incident in our eyes. It’s  safety hazard so, to us that’s a big deal.” The company follows their trucks using GPS, and there’s no indication that Thompson made any unusual stops that day. He said his other staff were shocked, since they’d worked with him that day and hadn’t noticed anything. Thompson has been employed for less than a year with Seal-O-Matic, but Jaben said he’s been a great employee so far. “He’s a hard working kid, really not something I expected. It’s really a shock,” he said.

An investigation into the company found no history of driving offenses. Thompson himself seems to be clear of any past records as well. Jaben also said that they have a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs. At the time of the article, Seal-O-Matic had not yet spoken to Thompson about his side of the story. Two lanes of the highway were closed for 2 days while the Missouri Department of Transportation repaired the bridge.

Since this will be Thompson’s first offense if he’s convicted, he may be in danger of paying some hefty fines and having his license suspended for at least 30 days. On top of that, he’ll be subjected to a further 60 days of conditional licensing. If he has another offense after that, then the consequences will increase. There’s even a possibility he could have jail time. Driving under the influence is a dangerous crime, so it carries severe penalties. Hopefully for Thompson’s sake, assuming he was impaired, even if it was only slightly, that he has now learned a lesson from his mistake and won’t be repeating it.

The sad fact is that while driving impaired is extremely dangerous, people make the mistake on a regular basis. The consequences can go beyond criminal penalties. Having A DUI on your record could impact employment. Having to confront family and friends with the news can also be stressful and embarrassing. The best thing to do if you’re charged with a DUI is to contact an attorney right away to help you fight your charge. They may be able to reduce the charge, or have it dismissed altogether in some cases. Your best chance at moving on from your mistake and making sure it has as little of an impact on your life as possible is by hiring a talented DUI attorney.