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Kansas City, MO – An asphalt truck driver has been charged with a DUI after causing a car accident in Kansas City.

41 Action News reported that this past Tuesday afternoon, August 1st, an asphalt truck driver crashed into a hunk of concrete on 1-670 while driving under the influence.

The truck driver, Shay Michael Thompson, age 23, failed multiple sobriety tests and was arrested at the scene. While the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.04%, Kansas City DUI attorneys say Thompson was well over the legal limit.

The concrete barrier struck in the DUI accident was partially toppled over, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation. Crews worked quickly to remove the truck, causing multiple lane closures.

A news release from MoDOT says the force of the collision damaged both the concrete barrier and the bridge deck on I-70. Currently, inspectors are working to fix the damage.

As more details from the DUI accident emerge, the asphalt company who employed Thompson, Seal-O-Matic Paving Company, continues to be shocked. The supervisor from the company, Miles Jaben, assures this is not behavior they expect from their employees. The company is thoroughly investigating the incident.

Fellow truck drivers working with Thompson this past Tuesday were completely blindsided by the DUI accident. Jaben told 41 Action News this was not something he expected, and “it’s really a shock.”

Jaben went on the record stating the company keeps track of their trucks, and Thompson did not stop anywhere unusual on the day of the DUI accident. He emphasized the fact that the recent crash is a huge deal, and acknowledged the safety hazard it created for other drivers in Kansas City.

Investigators on the case looked into the asphalt company’s driving record. So far, no red flags have popped up for either the company or Thompson himself.

Seal-O-Matic Paving Company has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to driving under the influence. The company has not yet contacted Thompson after the DUI accident in Kansas City.

Yesterday, August 2nd, the Missouri Department of Transportation closed two lanes on Troost and I-670 for repairs. Only one lane is anticipated to be closed on Thursday, August 3rd.

Unfortunately, Kansas City drivers may be facing extra traffic in the next coming days; MoDot tweeted that for the next one to two weeks, one lane on westbound I-70 will be closed for repairs.

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