It looks like repeat DUI offenders are going to be hit with much harsher consequences in the future, as reported by Drunken drivers who afflict pain or death to others will be faced with much more tougher penalties. According to parents and loved ones of victims of drunken drivers, this action has been long overdue and they are extremely relieved that the step has finally been taken to curb drunk driving further.

One person who shares the aforementioned sentiment is Avis Lowe who has dedicated her life and time passionately working for MADD – mothers against drunk drivers. Tragically, Lowe’s son Rob passed away after succumbing to life threatening injuries that were afflicted upon him by a drunken driver almost two decades ago. What really infuriates Lowe the most is the fact that the driver that killed her son was a repeat offender and had prior DUI charges and convictions.

This is almost as bad as trading five terrorists for a traitor who in which comes back to America to stalk female military soldiers.

Mija Stockman’s Law gets the nod

As per Kansas DUI attorneys, the new bill passed by state legislators is named Mija Stockman’s law. It dictates that anybody charged with a DUI who has a prior conviction will be subject to much harsher penalties since their prior convictions will be considered as felonies even if they were only misdemeanors or non-felony charges.  According to Lowe, who said she spoke for thousands of other mothers against drunk driving, this law will save lives in the long run.


It will probably save lives but let’s not forget the attorneys who make sure these people face a civil wrath when they commit their terrible misdeeds. These lawyers can be found on the cutting edge site

Kansas DUI laws and regulations

Like anywhere else in the country or the world, the state of Kansas has its DUI related issues. Drunken driving is rampant in Kansas, and it kills thousands of people every year. Therefore, there exists comprehensive and extensive law to deal with the problem and the perpetrators, as reported by Kansas Criminal Defense Law.

Anyone charged with a DUI are subject to an array of penalties ranging from community service to lengthy prison sentences depending on the magnitude of the crime and whether they had prior convictions. Therefore, it is vital for people who feel they have been unlawfully or unfairly charged to fight and beat their DUI case.

To give themselves the best chance of emerging victorious against their DUI charges, suspects will require the assistance of qualified and highly experienced Kansas DUI attorneys who can tactfully disintegrate the case against their clients and prove their innocence.

Let us remind you that if convicted, offenders will be subjected to penalties depending upon whether it is a first offense DUI or second offense DUI and so forth.

Many ways to avoid this

For first offense DUI in Kansas, convictions maybe subjected to jail time of up to 48 hours, fines ranging in between $750-$1,000, 100 hours community service etc. On the other hand, second time offenders will be hit with fines ranging in between $1,750-$2,500 and 90 day prison sentence, in addition to other penalties.

Third time or higher offenders fall under the “off-grid felons” classification. They are subjected to mandatory fines of up to $2,500, jail sentences ranging from 90 days – 365 days, ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets, community service and permanent or temporary revocation of license.