Kansas City, MO- Sean Smith cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs earned himself a DUI citation Monday after the drunkenly crashed into a light pole in Kansas City.

According to the police report, which ESPN got a hold of, Smith was attempting to take a left turn 12th Street and Grand Boulevard when he lost control.

Police patrolling the area saw Smith strike a light pole at the intersection with his out of control car.
The report states Smith was “mumbling” and seemed to be “confused.” Officers asked if he needed medical attention but he refused.

The force of the crash knocked the light pole over and into the roadway. Smith’s vehicle also sustained significant damage to undercarriage and the front end, ESPN reported.

Smith was arrested and charged with DUI, careless driving and failure to provide insurance. Luckily for him, he just signed a $16.5 million three-year contract as a free agent with the Chiefs so paying for the car repairs and the light pole shouldn’t be a problem.

He will also be able to pay for an excellent DUI attorney.

In a statement, the Chiefs said Smith’s arrest is “disappointing” but had no further comment on the arrest.

The NFL has faced serious criticism in the past over the inordinate number of DUI arrests their players have racked. Last year, the league vowed to curtail drunken driving and apparently their efforts have paid off.
DUI arrests among the players have declined significantly in 2014 over previous years. Between the January and June of 2013, a total of nine NFL players were charged with DUI/DWI. As of June of this year only approximately three players have faced DUI charges.

Everyone knows they shouldn’t drive under the influence especially if they are sober, but drunk people are not known for making sound decisions. In a University of Missouri study from last year, researchers found that a sober person knows that drinking and driving is wrong, but after a few drinks their perception changes and they believe they are fine to drive.

Sadly, nearly 1 million people make the mistake of getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol despite the consequences of their actions. In a drunken moment, a driver is not thinking about the prospect of spending time in jail, losing their license or shelling out thousands of dollars in DUI-related costs. They aren’t thinking about how a DUI will impact their career or education. They just get in their cars and go. Even though may get away with it, a drunken driver will eventually get caught.

The consequences of a DUI are meant to discourage people from doing it, but a person shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake indefinitely. When a person has been charged with a DUI, the first thing they should do is contact a Missouri DUI attorney to start building an effective defense that will allow their clients to avoid conviction or have their charges reduced.