Lansing, Michigan, What Are Possible Alternatives to Drunk Driving?

In the spur of the moment, it can be easy to forget the serious repercussions of driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Anyone who suspects they may be consuming alcohol or another intoxicant at an event should make sure they arrange for a ride beforehand so that they are saved from the hassle of doing it when they are leaving the event.

It is considered a crime for a person to operate a vehicle when their bodily alcohol content exceeds .08%. If a person can not find anyone to drive them back home, they should consider staying overnight or at least until they are sober again. They also have the option of calling a professional taxi service to help transport them home. It may seem like an extra expense at the time, but it is definitely a lot safer than driving around while a person is not in their proper senses.

The road is a dangerous enough place even when a person is entirely sober. The constant changes and sudden movements require the complete attention of a driver to minimize the chance of an accident and still there is a chance of an accident occurring. If a person cannot even think straight the chances of them hurting themselves and those around them are significantly greater and that is why paying for a taxi is a much better idea, then trying to drive while a person is clearly unable to do so.

If a person is unable to stay over for the night, or even find a ride then they should try walking home or walking to a safe place where they can spend the night. Anything is better than getting behind the wheel while a person is heavily intoxicated.

How can a lawyer help me?

An attorney can help a person form defenses in order to have their penalties decreased. If a person is caught for a first-time DUI offense they will have to suffer paying fines, doing community hours, and having their license suspended. In order to remove their charge and ultimately avoid having to face these penalties, a DUI attorney can try and prove that a person was actually compelled by circumstance to drive while intoxicated or they can try and prove that a person was not really intoxicated at all, to begin with.

It is important to note that when a person has marijuana in their system they may be excused if they have a medical marijuana card and the marijuana they consumed was actually for medical purposes. An attorney can help a person provide the records and evidence to prove that they were really innocent to the court.

Driving under the influence can result in a person having to face serious penalties. In order to avoid the hassle, a person should hire a legal professional to support them throughout the process from the very beginning. If a person decides to proceed forward without professional advice, they risk having to shoulder a lot more repercussions then is necessary for them.

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