Las Vegas, NV- Police said the driver who crashed into a Las Vegas bus last week and killed two people was almost three times the legal limit.

Jonathan Donner is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries and is facing numerous felony charges including two counts of DUI causing death. During the course of their investigation, police learned that Donner’s blood alcohol content was .21, nearly three times the legal limit in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review Journal reports.

Donner was driving in Las Vegas on Sept. 5th around 7 a.m. when he plowed throw a red light and struck a shuttle bus then a passenger vehicle. Donner’s BMW and the shuttle bus erupted in flames, according to the Times Dispatch.

Speaking to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Donner’s girlfriend said she knew he was drunk before he took off that morning and tried to take his keys away. She said they fought and he managed to get his keys.

Two people, a German tourist and the shuttle bus driver, were pronounced dead on the scene. Donner and several other passengers were injured and taken to area hospitals for treatment.

This accident is an example of the destruction that can accompany drunken driving and the reason why penalties for intoxicated drivers get harsher and harsher in Nevada and many other states. A conviction for a DUI involving a fatality can mean significant jail time for the offender and numerous other penalties. Even a simple DUI charge can lead to a number of life-changing consequences if a person is convicted.

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