Las Vegas, NV- Long holiday weekends give us the opportunity to live it up and toss back a few drinks before summer fades away. But often on long weekends, people take things too far and make the lethal mistake of driving drunk. That is the case of Las Vegas man who is facing at least 10 felonies after causing a DUI crash that left two people dead over Labor Day weekend.

The accident occurred early Sept. 5th around 7 a.m. Police say that a 24-year-old Las Vegas man, driving a BMW plowed through a red light at the intersection of South Main Street and Charleston Boulevard where he collided with a shuttle bus and a passenger vehicle, according to the Times Dispatch. 

The Dispatch Times reports that after striking the shuttle bus, the BMW struck another passenger vehicle. After being struck, the shuttle bus, which had several passengers on board, caught on fire, as did the BMW.

Two people were pronounced dead on the scene. One was a 53-year-old man driving the shuttle bus and the other was a 31-year-old man from Germany.

The BMW driver and three other people on the bus suffered moderate to serious injuries.

Police determined the BMW driver, identified as Jonathan Donner, was intoxicated at the time of the crash and charged him with two counts of DUI resulting in death and three counts of DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm, according to Fox News.

Police said it will take several days the get the results from Donner’s sobriety tests. 

The consequences of causing a fatal DUI accident are dire, as they should be. A person convicted of causing a deadly drunken driving accident is looking at significant jail time and costly legal and civil penalties. When a person finds themselves in a bad situation and facing numerous felony DUI charges, they really need to speak with a DUI defense lawyer serving Las Vegas immediately. They explain the penalties you could be given if convicted and decide what defense strategy will be best in your case.

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