A shooting incident that occurred in Bell City Louisiana on Sunday afternoon has shocked all of Louisiana State Police. A Louisiana State Trooper was shot in the head and killed while he pulled over a suspected drunk driver, according to wkbw.com. The decedent has been identified as Senior Trooper Steven J. Vincent who was seriously injured and later succumbed to his injuries on Monday morning.

A horrendous act by someone named Kevin Daigle

It all began when emergency calls came in about a truck that had been involved in a reckless accident and was lodged in a ditch near Highway 14 in Calcasieu Parish. Trooper Vincent happened to spot a truck that fit the description provided by the dispatcher. The truck was occupied by a sole occupant, the suspected drunk driver, Kevin Daigle. As Trooper Vincent approached Daigle, he was shot in the head by Daigle with a shotgun. Not one single Shreveport, Louisiana DUI lawyer approves of this type of barbaric behavior.

After the shooting, Daigle attempted to get away but eye witnesses and pedestrians were able to come together and were able to restrain him from making an escape. They then proceeded to call 911 to report the incident. Trooper Vincent was transported by a helicopter ambulance to Lake Charles Memorial where he passed away.

Man from Ponchatoula held for suspected fourth offense DUI

Driving under the influence has gotten a lot of attention throughout the country and rules concerning drunk driving have tightened up and the penalties have worsened. The biggest problem with drunken driving in every city across Louisiana including Shreveport is the number of repeat offenders that have no regard for others who they put into danger. These folks have a serious alcohol problem where the alcohol obviously impairs their judgment and they make the call to get behind the wheel while inebriated.

One such person has been arrested and charged with a fourth offense DUI in Louisiana. The suspect has been identified as 42 year old Matthew B. Saltzman. Not only does Saltzman face DUI charges but has also been slapped with resisting arrest, possessing a firearm despite being a convicted felon, fighting a police officer, and a few boating violations, as reported by myarklamiss.com. His Shreveport, Louisiana DUI defense attorney is having trouble just keeping track of all these charges.


If convicted of his fourth offense DUI, according to Louisiana State Law, Saltzman maybe imprisoned for up to 30 years. He was stopped and arrested when he passed a patrol vessel without having any lights on whatsoever on his boat. He is currently being held in Tangipahoa Parish Prison in lieu of bond. Fortunately he did not hit anyone on the water so no one else will have to use the awesome legal website USAttorneys.com to find a golden and experienced attorney.

DWI legislation in Louisiana

Some states refer to the crime as DWI, some as DUI and some as OWI. They are all basically drunken driving. Louisiana State Law has strict laws against drunk driving and offenders are hit with harsh penalties. According to Shreveport DUI lawyers, in Louisiana, technically, anyone driving with a blood alcohol limit over 0.08% is said to be driving under the influence.

Unfortunately though, sometimes innocent people are charged with these heinous crimes thanks to faulty testing apparatuses and improperly trained arresting officers. It is crucial that such wrongly charged victims seek and appoint a qualified and experienced Louisiana DUI lawyer to build a strong defense to beat their case.