USAttorneys discusses what happens when you are pulled over for a DUI

Lexington, KY-If you drink and drive, at some point you might be pulled over and possibly arrested. Getting pulled over is nerve-wracking and there is always that worry you will end up in jail. Your actions during your DUI stop will dictate how the next few hours and years of your life will go. That is why we will discuss what you should say and do during your DUI stop.

What are your rights?

Your rights are important and you need to understand what they are. If you have been stopped, you aren’t under arrest, but you aren’t free to leave. An officer is detaining you and you aren’t allowed to leave until you are dismissed. Since you aren’t under arrest, police can ask you questions without reading your Miranda Rights.

What to do if you are pulled over?

When you see the blue lights, your first instinct is probably to panic, but don’t. You need to remain calm because anything you say or do will be eyed with suspicion and can impact your charges. You may be frustrated but be respectful of police and don’t talk unless you’re asked a question.

Once they approach your car, they will want to see your license, auto insurance information and your registration. They are also going to ask you a few questions including: Have you been drinking? How many drinks have you had tonight/today? Where were you earlier? Where are, you going? The way you answer any of those questions are going to affect how the rest of your stop will go.

What should you say to officers?

If you have had a drink or two, you might be tempted to lie to an officer, but that is not a wise decision. Lying to an officer usually ends up making matters worse and lead to additional charges. You may be afraid to answer truthfully since you know it will get you in trouble. You could assert your Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, but that may not go over too well and won’t get you out of trouble. Instead, we recommend you say as little as possible but still answer the officer’s questions.

Pleading the Fifth will not save you from field sobriety tests, but it will end the questioning. You can refuse a breathalyzer or chemical test, but you could face a different set of consequences. You must think carefully before deciding to refuse sobriety tests.

Results from a breathalyzer or a chemical test will give proof of intoxication, but an experienced DUI lawyer in Lexington, Kentucky can provide you with a solid defense. Let USAttorneys connect you with a defense lawyer to help you avoid conviction.The sooner you contact a DUI lawyer, the chance you have of getting a lesser charge. Contact one of USAttorneys’ DUI lawyers and set up a consultation.