While the issue of drunken-driving is complex, we have accepted the fact that it is not possible, at least in the near future, to completely eradicate the habit. But we do have complex legislation in most of the states to battle drunken driving and mitigate the risks as much as humanly possible.

Especially with the amount of attention the subject is receiving at this time, one would think that people would think twice before getting behind the wheel while inebriated. We have all heard of cases where drunken drivers from all across the country have been charged with a sixth time offense, a seventh time offense, and in one case even a tenth time offense. Even if these people live in cities that are broke and the police are writing bogus tickets if you are getting a DUI this many times you need to be tossed into prison for 20 years.

Everyone is also well aware that habitual offenders are out there and it is deeply ingrained problem which is very difficult to deal with. Furthermore, cases where drunken-drivers had killed pedestrians/road workers and still did not learn their lessons as they were again involved in drunken driving incidents has been widely publicized and criticized by the media. It is not hysteria when you are a victim of a sloppy driver and you need a hard working local attorney which can be found on the marvelous website known as USAttorneys.com.


Given all this, it is justifiable to assume that people may have some sort of inhibitions when it comes to drunken driving, but a Longmont woman named Patricia Rotter has recently demonstrated just how gripping the problem is, as per The Denver Channel.

According to arresting police officers, Rotter was in court for a previous DUI offense and was visibly intoxicated. After the hearing was wrapped up, the woman drove out of the court like she was completely oblivious to why she was there in the first place. An off-duty police officer spotted Rotter driving haphazardly and often swerving from lane to lane.

He called the incident in and officers were dispatched to pull the woman over. According to the arrest reports, she had glassy eyes and smelt of alcohol. She was unable to pass a field sobriety test and was taken into custody after refusing to subject herself to bloodbreath testing for blood alcohol content. Someone like this should lose a few years of their life behind bars.

Colorado Governor expected to sign felony DUI bill

After nearly a decade since similar legislation was first proposed the state of Colorado has finally passed a bill which makes repeat drunken driving a felony offense, the bill is now expected to make its way to the Governor’s desk and his signature will officially put the law in effect, say Denver DUI attorneys.

According a CBS Local report, the bill is going to save lives. In 2016 they are not going to have any cases of a 9th or 10th time offender having killed a person while driving drunk as these offenders would not be on the streets but in jail.

Families of victims of repeat drunken drivers sat in the court room hand in hand and rejoiced as the bill was passed. According to Denver DUI attorneys, Colorado is now one among the 46 states where a repeat DUI maybe prosecuted as a felony charge.

Denver woman only gets 9 years for fatal DUI crash

As per a Denver Post report, 57-year old Robbin Leigh Verser faces a prison term of 9 years after she was arrested for a drunken driving accident which killed 24-year old Ashley Nicole Bradberry. At the time of her arrest, Verser’s blood alcohol content was four times that of the legal limit to drive in Colorado, say Denver DUI attorneys. After the 9-year prison term, she will further serve five years of parole.