A law enforcement officer was shot in the head and killed recently in the Lake Charles area, when he attempted to walk up to a crashed car with a possible DUI suspect in it. The suspect in question supposedly saw the officer approaching him, jumped out of the vehicle, and shot the officer in the head with a shotgun that had been sawed off.

The officer was rushed to a medical facility where he dies shortly after due to severe neurological damage, as reported by NBC. This DUI case just became much worse for a Lake Charles, Louisiana DUI lawyer.

The deceased officer has been identified by Louisiana State Police Supt. Michael D. Edmondson as 43 year old Steven Vincent. Vincent had been serving in the police force of Louisiana for the past 13 years. Thankfully, the suspect was captured by other motorists that witnessed the horrific death.

Lives could be possibly saved

Medical professionals that evaluated Vincent as being in a critical condition prior to his death have confirmed that Vincent had been afflicted with severe brain injury. However, the rest of his body parts and internal organs were all still perfectly functional and could be used in cases where people require these organs to be transplanted into them.

The suspect has been identified as Kevin Daigle, a man that has been on the wrong side of the law on numerous occasions in the past. Supposedly he was a repeat DUI offender. According to eye witnesses and statements of those who analyzed video graphic evidence, Vincent spotted Daigle’s truck which had crashed into a ditch, and went up to the accident site offering assistance when Daigle shot him in the head and tried to walk away before being wrestled and pinned by brave Samaritans. According to Lake Charles, Louisiana DUI lawyer, he will be charged with first degree murder.

Will he be executed for this? That is the ultimate question. Many people believe he should be and the trial should be a quick one.

Louisiana cop killer possibly involved in another murder

54 year old Kevin Daigle maybe even more sinister than first believed. Daigle, who is currently in custody for murdering a 43 year old Louisiana State Police Officer, may also have killed a second, unidentified person, according to a NBC report. The deceased body was found in a home in Lake Charles, Louisiana where Daigle resided.


Both murders are still under investigation, authorities are not yet certain as to what sort of a relationship the two men had (the dead person at the residence and Daigle), nor do they know why Daigle shot and killed a perfectly polite police officer that offered to help him after a car crash. Even the best Lake Charles, Louisiana DUI attorney who can be found on this exceptional website USAttorneys.com is probably not going to be able to do too much for Daigle.

DUI legislation in Louisiana

According to Lake Charles DUI attorneys, Louisiana state law, like the majority of other American states, stipulates that operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of over 0.08% is a crime punishable by law. In cases of minor drivers or commercial drivers, the blood alcohol limit is even lower.

Unfortunately though, sometimes innocent people are prosecuted for DUIs. This may happen due to faulty sobriety testing equipment or under trained/in experienced police officers that do not know how to properly conduct field sobriety tests. The best course of action for such victims to defend themselves against such charges is by first and foremost appointing an experienced Louisiana DUI lawyer that can help prove their innocence in a court of law.