New Orleans, LA- A New Orleans-area man learned las week how much time he would spend behind bars for causing a drunken driving accident that killed his 1-year-old son.

But before he was sentenced, 33-year-old Jeremiah Price, 32, told the judge, “I lost my son. I’m already punished,” the Advocate reported. That statement, however, didn’t sway the judge who sentenced Price to spend no less than five years in jail.

His attorney argued that Price deserved leniency because he lost his son, but the prosecutor argued to contrary, accusing him of killing his child, according to the Advocate.

The accident occurred in 2013 as Price and his infant son were traveling on the West Bank Expressway. A portion of the road was closed so that signs could be installed and traffic was diverted to an off-ramp. Price didn’t take the off-ramp and didn’t not the numerous signs indicating that the road was close. He continued to drive through the closed section of the road where he violently struck a construction truck.

Price’s 1-year-old was not strapped in a safety seat and suffered multiple traumatic brain injuries. He survived the initial crash, but later died at the hospital.

Price suffered minor injuries and was arrested when he was released from the hospital.

According to, Price’s blood alcohol content was .0175, more than twice the legal limit in Louisiana.

In the aftermath of the accident, he admitted that he had been drinking that day, but intoxication had nothing to with the crash. He also claimed that his child was secured in the backseat, but police didn’t find any evidence to substantiate that claim.

Price’s tragic loss at his own hands is shocking reminder of how treacherous drunken driving is and how that bad decision can cut a person’s life short. It also serves as an example of how dire the consequences can be if a DWI driver causes a fatal accident.

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