How to beat a DUI charge in Kentucky?

Being arrested and charged for suspected drunken driving can be very intimidating indeed. Driving under the influence is a very serious crime which has social, professional, and of course legal repercussions.

It is of crucial that anyone charged with DUI defend themselves to the best of their abilities because otherwise it will lead to a conviction which can result in jail time, hefty fines, the installation of ignition interlock devices, alcohol counseling, community service, and so forth.

Thankfully, the laws surrounding how a DUI arrest needs to be made and what sort of evidence is required to convict someone of DUI are all very specific and also extensive. Therefore, there are several ways in which you can legally defend yourself and prove your innocence and have your DUI case thrown out or dismissed, say DUI lawyers from Louisville, KY.

In this article, we will look at some common ways in which you can defend yourself effectively against a DUI charge in the state of Kentucky.

Invalidating breathalyzer machine results

The maximum legally permissible blood alcohol content in Kentucky is 0.08% BAC. In order to check someone’s BAC, Kentucky state law enforcement officers may subject suspects to sobriety testing and especially a breath machine test.

However, experienced Kentucky DUI attorneys will have you know that these breath machines are not flawless. To begin with, they need to be calibrated meticulously prior to use. Furthermore, it has also been scientifically proven that breathalyzer machines actually measure breath alcohol and not blood alcohol.

Therefore, your legal professional can and in all probability will argue that the breathalyzer machine results cannot be relied upon and will be able to have it dismissed based on these grounds. This is especially possible when your breathalyzer results are marginally over 0.08% BAC.

Probable cause and reasonable suspicion

Another way to have your case dismissed is by challenging the notion that the arresting officer lacked any reasonable suspicion to pull you over in the first place or that he or she did not have any probable cause to arrest you or subject you to sobriety testing. If the police do pull you over without any reasonable cause and ticket you and even arrest you this would constitute an abuse of power.

Now if you want to see an abuse of power you can watch the ridiculous movie The Rock with Sean Connery who plays John Patrick Mason. In this movie the powers that be had Mason locked up for what it seemed to be a trumped up reason. They even threatened to lock him up and toss him into a hole or solitary confinement for the rest of his life for what seemed to be weak or pathetic reasons (the same reasons he was currently being locked up for).

Now this was just a movie. Does this really happen? It could because America has corrupt leadership now in 2016 and the past several years and you see this with how the FBI is behaving, even the IRS, and so on.

This type of stuff is routine in countries like Cuba, North Korea, and Russia. There are many Mason’s in those countries rotting away for simply disagreeing with their government.

Furthermore, the fact is that if and when you are following all traffic rules and your vehicle checks out ok, then unless you willfully drive into a DUI checkpoint, law enforcement officers cannot simply pull you over and test you without any solid reason or suspicion, explain Louisville, KY DUI lawyers.

Therefore, if you believe that there was no probable cause for your arrest then you can very well bring this up in trial with the help of your legal representative.

These are just a few ways to beat a DUI case and we have only scratched the surface here. There are several other ways to defend a DUI charge. It all starts with reaching out to a Kentucky DUI lawyer as soon as possible.