An arrest that happened on Monday night earlier this week has resulted in a Lucas County Police Officer being slapped with driving under the influence charges. The suspect/officer in this case has been identified by his peers and in police reports as 39 year old Deputy Dana Holzeimer, as reported by

A police officer mistake

Holzeimer was pulled over by another law enforcement officer in the proximity of Waterville Street and Wycliffe Drive in Whitehouse, around 20 miles from Toledo. She has since been slapped with multiple charges including operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, not maintaining a traffic lane, and also for having an open alcoholic container in the car with her.

It has been confirmed that Holzeimer was not on duty during the time of her arrest, she was driving a personal car. Holzeimer refused to subject to breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. She will require a Toledo, OH DUI lawyer very soon, if not ASAP. Good thing the Internet operates at light speed. She site she needs to visit is

It is not immediately known whether any disciplinary action was taken against Holzeimer by the Sheriff’s Office, it is expected that Capt. Don Atkinson (director of internal affairs) will make a statement about the incident.


Toledo firefighter slapped with 2nd DUI charge in just two years

A long term firefighter from Toledo has been arrested yet again for suspected driving under the influence, according to a report. If convicted this time, 45 year old Tod Steele will face much more severe penalties than he did previously when arrested for a DUI. This time around, he will be penalized as a repeat offender which will include mandatory jail time among other consequences.

Steele is an 18 year old veteran in the firefighting force. He has been charged in the Toledo Municipal Court. Charges include, driving under the influence, having an open container of alcohol in the car with him and also failure to maintain traffic lane.

His previous DUI charge was in 2013, but it was eventually dismissed prosecutors.

Steele was arrested while driving a white pickup truck early Monday morning in the proximity of Telegraph Road. He was pulled over initially because he was driving without headlights. According to arresting officers, when stopped, Steele popped out of the pickup truck in a rather authoritative manner and flashed his fire badge as if to demand special treatment just because he was a firefighter.

It is not sure whether Steele has a Toledo DUI attorney to represent him in a court of law or whether the city will have to appoint a public defender to represent him.

DUI laws in Ohio

According to Toledo, OH DUI lawyers, a DUI conviction comes with some very severe repercussions. Punishments can include years in jail or prison for repeat offenders, hefty fines in the order of thousands of dollars, and the installation of ignition interlock devices on all of the convicts vehicles.

Other penalties include suspension of the driver’s license and mandatory alcohol/drug rehabilitation programs at the convicts own cost. Sometimes convicts are also asked to wear ankle bracelets which continuously monitor the convicts location and blood alcohol content. This is why anybody that feels they should not be facing DUI charges should most certainly appoint an experienced Ohio DUI lawyer to defend them against prosecutors.