DUI lawyer in Macon, Georgia explains what happens after your arrest and what steps you need to take

Macon, GA- Were you arrested for impaired driving in Macon, Georgia? Are you unsure what’s ahead? If you have been charged with DUI, you may be wondering what happens next and what steps you need to take. Here, USAttorneys legal team in Macon, Georgia will explain what is going to happen because of your arrest and what you need to do to protect yourself.

Will I lose my driver’s license?

The most immediate consequence of your DUI is losing your driver’s license. Law enforcement officers typically take a driver’s license on the spot, and it will be suspended for 120 days at minimum.  However, it is possible to get your license reinstated with limited driving privileges which allow you to drive back and forth to work, to doctor’s appointments and drug or alcohol treatment and assessment courses. You’ll have a better chance of getting limited driving privileges if you retain a DUI lawyer near you immediately.

What are the consequences of a DUI conviction in Georgia?

If you are convicted of your first DUI in Georgia, you face 24 hours in jail up to one year depending on the details of your arrest. For instance, if you had a high blood alcohol concentration or caused an accident, you face a longer jail sentence. Fines for a first DUI in Macon range between $300 and $1,000 and your license will be suspended for at least one year.  

Should I plead guilty or not-guilty?

After your arrest, you need to decide if you are going to plead guilty or not guilty. That is a decision you should make after you’ve consulted with a defense lawyer. In some cases, a defendant is better off pleading guilty and working to minimize

If you do decide to plead guilty, you may be able to negotiate for a plea bargain and get reduced penalties. Remember, you must plead guilty to a wet reckless which will count against you if you face an additional DUI charge within five years.

If you want to fight conviction, there are effective defense strategies you can explore. Let a defense attorney evaluate the facts of your case and help you decide which defense will work best in your case. With the right defense, you can avoid a DUI conviction and won’t have to deal with any of the repercussions associated with a plea bargain.

Let USAttorneys connect you with a DUI lawyer in Macon, Georgia. They will listen to the facts of your case and decide which defense strategy will work best in your case. You can rely our accomplished team of lawyers to work tirelessly on behalf to give you a greater chance of avoiding a DUI conviction.