If you find yourself in a predicament where you are facing DUI related charges then you most certainly ought to be worried. Driving under the influence is a crime punishable by law and the legal repercussions for offenders are severe indeed.

It can include hefty fines, prison sentences, probation, ignition interlock devices on all vehicles, ankle bracelets, community service, etc. The consequences can get worse in cases of repeat offenders or offenders who cause accidents whilst driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs which results in great bodily harm or even death say Madison, WI DUI lawyers.

There are ways in which you can beat your DUI charge by putting up viable defenses. However, you will need to work with a legal representative and come up with a fool proof defense strategy that will disintegrate and disprove all of the evidence against you effectively, which would lead to the charges against you being dismissed. However, you ought to remember that if the evidence against you is insurmountable, you have no way to defend yourself out of inevitable conviction.

Let us look at what your options are when charged with a DUI. Leading Wisconsin DUI attorneys explain that you can plead guilty, plead not guilty or plead with no contest.

Pleading with no contest 

Pleading with no contest basically means that you are not going to defend yourself against the allegations of the prosecution. However, you do not say that you are guilty explicitly. This is often adopted by lawyers for clients who are unable to beat the evidence against them but also have a civil case pending in connection with the same incident.

This way, the civil lawsuit cannot use the plea as proof of guilt and so the defendant in the civil lawsuit can still remain innocent until proven guilty.

Pleading guilty

In some cases, a legal pro would prefer that his or her client plead guilty. This is when there is enough concrete evidence in favor of the prosecution. It could be things like the blood alcohol limit being over two or three folds the maximum limit of .08%, or any self-incriminating statements made by the defendant, and so on. In such cases, the defendant is better of pleading guilty, in the opinion of Madison, WI DUI lawyers.

Now if you want to see someone super drunk just go watch Det. James ‘Jimmy’ McNulty (Dominic West) in the cutting edge show The Wire which took place in Baltimore. McNulty was a fantastic police officer but he was also a drunk and not a team player. In one episode, he was so drunk he could not execute a proper turn in his car when turning left onto another street and he brushed his car against the cement pillar that was holding up a freeway.

No one was around so he was not ticketed for this and his name did not spread through the department that he was driving drunk. Now he was not a team player because he did things that jeopardized his superior’s reputation, even superiors that actually helped him out but this is another story.

Don’t be a McNulty! Don’t be a drunk!

In fact, your legal team may even be able to strike a plea bargain with the prosecutors where they agree to convict you of a lesser crime such as a wet reckless instead of a DUI in exchange for you pleading guilty.

A wet reckless or a lesser charge comes with fewer and much more lenient consequences as compared to a DUI conviction.

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI, make sure to seek help as early as possible. Talk to an experienced and aggressive DUI lawyer in Wisconsin today to find out the best way to handle your case.