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In the state of Maine, any motorist found to be driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 percent or higher will be arrested and charged with operating under the influence (OUI). Commercial vehicle drivers may be charged with OUI with a BAC of only .04 percent or higher. Maine has a ZERO tolerance policy in effect for minors who drink and drive. Any minor who has alcohol in their system and is caught driving will have their license suspended for 1 year.

Motorists found guilty of OUI may be fined, ordered to attend alcohol/drug education or rehabilitation classes, be sent to prison or a combination of all punishments. Unlike other states, officers who arrest a motorist of OUI do not take the motorist’s driver’s license away. However, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will place the driver on notice that their license must be surrendered. Drivers only have 10 days from the time of license suspension to request a hearing with the BMV.

Penalties and Punishments for OUI Convictions in Maine

1st OUI Conviction

• Imprisonment for 30 days
• Driver’s license suspended for 90 days
• Fine of $500

2nd OUI Conviction

• Imprisonment for 6 months
• Driver’s license suspended for 3 years
• Fine of $1,000 minimum
• May be eligible for ignition interlock device after 9 months

3rd OUI Conviction

• Imprisonment for 9 months and 1 day
• Driver’s license suspended for 6 years
• Fine of $1,000 minimum
• May be eligible for ignition interlock device after 3 years

4th OUI Conviction

• Imprisonment for 2 years
• Driver’s license suspended for 6 years
• Fine of $1,000 minimum
• May be eligible for ignition interlock device after 6 years

Newest State OUI Laws

As of July 2010, Maine has amended its OUI laws to allow the installation of an ignition interlock device to be used as a method of reinstating driving privileges sooner. However, this law is only applicable for OUI offenders who have at least two but no more than three convictions and for OUI convictions after July 2010.

Implied Consent Laws

The state of Maine has implied consent laws in place. All motorists must agree to blood, breath and/or urine testing to determine alcohol or drug concentration and subsequent intoxication. Any motorist who refuses will be charged with an aggravated OUI, and will incur harsher punishments than they would for an OUI conviction alone.

Aggravated OUI in Maine

Those who have caused serious bodily harm or death to an individual while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Maine will be charged with aggravated OUI. Aggravated OUI charges are considered strict liability felony offenses and subject to stricter punishments than standard OUIs. Motorists who have a previous conviction for a felony OUI or OUI homicide are also charged with a liability felony offense.

This type of offense carries a minimum sentence of six months in prison (with an additional 20 days for motorists who refuse to submit to breath tests), a fine of $2,100 ($2,500 for those who refuse to submit to a breath test) and a six-year suspension of their driver’s license. The convicted motorist may also be ordered by the court to undergo alcohol or drug treatment.

If a motorist is transporting a minor (under the age of 21) at the time of the aggravated OUI charge, there will be an additional 275 day license suspension added to the minimum penalties incurred. If the driver is under 21, there will be an additional suspension of 180 days.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Penalties

Motorists may still be penalized by the BMV even if they don’t incur any criminal penalties (jail time/fines/community service). The refusal of a breath test can lead the BMV to take away a motorist’s license for up to 6 years. The penalty for the first refusal is a 275 day suspension. Suspension time increases with subsequent OUI convictions.

Fighting OUI Charges in Maine

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