Toledo, OH-When police pull a driver over they suspect of being intoxicated that driver is expected to submit to a breath test. Not doing so has consequences, but that doesn’t deter Ohio drivers, the majority of which refuse to submit to OVI testing.

The Telegraph-Forum reports that out of the 83,000 Ohioans whose licenses a under administrative suspension in 2013, more than half, 54 percent, refused to take a breathalyzer or chemical test. Only 46 percent submitted to OVI testing.

That is because there is this notion that not submitting to a breathalyzer denies the prosecution crucial evidence they need to convict a person of OVI. This is true to an extent, but when it comes to OVI cases, the result of a breathalyzer or chemical test is just one of the pieces of evidence which will be presented against you. Prosecutors also rely on police observations, your performance during field sobriety tests and your behavior. Even a refusal will be used to secure your conviction and dictate the sentence you receive.

The Telegraph-Forum found that judges are harder of OVI suspects who refuse the test. According to the paper, 18 percent of drivers under a suspension for a positive test had limited driving privileges in 2013 while only 11 percent of drivers who were under administrative suspension.

Ohioans who refuse to submit to a breathalyzer can lose their license up to a year. In contrast, a person convicted of their first Ohio OVI will only have their license suspended for 90 days.

Refusing an OVI test can actually work against a person and lead to tougher penalties if an individual is ultimately convicted, according to the Telegram-Forum. The paper reports that in one Ohio county, 55 percent of people in the administrative license program refused OVI tests. What’s more, your charge for refusing will piled on top of your other charges, so refusing a test could lead even more consequences. That means, without the assistance of a DUI attorney in Ohio you could be facing charges for refusing the test along with OVI charges.

If you are facing an OVI charge, you need the advice of defense attorney who specializes in impaired driving defenses. You license can be suspended immediately. If you are convicted of an OVI, you could face jail time, pay out thousands of dollars in associated costs, and have the conviction put on your criminal record. The OVI/DUI attorneys at USAttorneys stand by each of their clients from the beginning stages to the final outcome and work to minimize the impact of your OVI charge.

If you are in the Toledo area, we can connect you with an accomplished and experienced OVI attorney. Our OVI/DUI attorneys know what is stake for their clients and are devoted to building an unbeatable defense on your behalf. Your attorney will be candid about what options you have and help decide the best route to take for a successful conclusion to your case. Plea bargain or court trial, your attorney will be by your side for the entire process.