The drunk driver from Montgomery who killed three people in a head-on crash in 2012 will never be put to trial say DUI attorneys. Ed Blackwell, 44, is injured because of the crash and his traumatic brain injury will prevent him from being able to assist his own defense during the trial. The decision to not put him on trial was taken by a jury on Wednesday after an hour long deliberation.

The After Effects of 22 Beers

The fatal accident took place on July 1st, 2012, when Blackwell was driving drunk after consuming 22 beers on Interstate 45 in Montgomery County. He was driving his car, a Chevrolet Impala, north on a southbound lane and had a passenger with him in his car. He hit a Pontiac G6 that was going the right way head on, killing the two passengers in the second car on impact.

Blackwell’s fellow passenger too was found dead on the spot. Why this person did not slam on the breaks, tell Blackwell that he was in the wrong lane, or grab the wheel and pull it to the right no one will ever know?  Blackwell was the sole survivor of the fatal crash, but he suffered serious injuries to his head and had to be cut out of the car by South Montgomery County fire fighters. He was then taken to the Memorial Hermann Hospital.

A Human Disgrace

In the hospital, it was discovered that Blackwell had an elevated BAC as a result of his beer drinking. Since he was too injured to be arrested at the scene of crime, he was taken to hospital instead and Blackwell even tried his best to flee from the hospital to avoid capture. But the Montgomery police was successfully able to apprehend him. His trial was put on hold due to the brain injuries he had suffered in the DUI crash. But even after two years, his DUI attorneys say that Blackwell is not competent enough to be put on trial since he will not be able to aid his own attorneys in creating a proper defense for him.


But he is wise enough to try to escape? Ridiculous!

A Case Unlike any Other

The injuries that Blackwell suffered in the crash impacted his brain and caused him to suffer periods of dementia. According to experts, such a trauma usually has a short recovery period of two years and since Blackwell has not shown any signs of improvement yet it is highly unlikely that he will get much better in the coming future. A person suffering from brain injury usually reaches the peak for recovery in 2 years, and in Blackwell’s case the time has come and gone when one could expect him to recover full control of his mental faculties.

State District Judge Lisa Michalk who was at the helm of affairs when the jury discussed Blackwell’s incompetency said that this was an unusual case, “unlike any” that she has ever handled before. Blackwell’s DUI attorney E. Tay Bond has said that since the trial will not take place anymore, the most important issue now is to meet with the prosecution and find a good place for Blackwell’ stay. The defense attorney thinks that the state mental hospital with its capacity to treat neurological defects will be the best place for Blackwell’s future treatment and recovery.

Then this same lawyer can pay for that! Blackwell belongs 6 feet under and if he has the wherewithal to try to escape, he can be tried and convicted for his crimes.