Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated is a major concern throughout the nation and rightly so. It is the number one threat to public safety nationwide and has been responsible for a number of fatalities on the country’s roads and highways. Those arrested on DUI charges are dealt with mercilessly, they are punished with fines and sometimes even sentenced to prison terms.

One would think that after having been through the penalties once, offenders would have enough sense knocked into their heads to not repeat the crime again. However, that assumption cannot be further from the truth. Drunken driving has a huge percentage of repeat offenders who are irresponsible but helpless and have almost become slaves to alcohol addiction and Napa County DUI attorneys know all about this.

One such case reported recently in Napa County in St. Helena is that of a 48 year old Raul Bernal Cervin. As reported by the Napa Valley Register, Cervin was apprehended and placed under custody following calls from witnesses who reported an erratic driver. Law enforcement officers responded to the calls and nabbed Cervin while he was driving a Chevrolet Cavalier 2001 in a northerly direction on Highway 29 and was making his way towards St. Helena.

Prosecutors have slapped Cervin with fourth offense DUI, felony DUI, failure to have installed a court ordered ignition interlock device, in addition to other charges. Cervin is being held at Napa County Jail in lieu of an unspecified bond amount. It is not clear whether he has a Napa County DUI attorney or if he will need to be appointed one by the state.


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Ex-Canyon City employee convicted of DUI faces 5-day jail sentence

The convict in this case is Rebekah Barr. She was arrested and charged with DUI back in February. The arrest led her to resign from her position as a city clerk. The arrest stems from a crash in which Barr supposedly ploughed into three parked cars, a light pole, and even a building in Napa County, another occupant of her car sustained moderate injuries, as reported by timesheraldonline.com.

The arrest report indicates that Barr’s blood alcohol level registered more than three times higher than the maximum permissible limit. She was sentenced only last week after having pleaded with no contest to felony DUI charges. Her punishments include 5 days in jail, 120 hours of community service, and a fine of $3,500.

Napa Valley – The wine country or is it?

A survey conducted to analyze DUI arrests in Napa Valley has yielded surprising results which entails that the Valley famous for wine is actually home to locals who much rather consume beer. Almost 90% of all DUI arrests in the previous year were of beer drinkers, according to a report by Napa Valley Register.

DUI legislation in California 

It is without doubt that anyone charged with DUI will be in a lot of trouble unless they hire a Napa County DUI attorney and prepare a fool proof defense. Those convicted of DUI may end up spending years in prison with murderers, rapists and violent criminals. A golden DUI attorney will know many ways to put up a solid defense so do not waste time in consulting one.