Police officers in Farmington arrested a man on charges of driving while intoxicated and a possible domestic violence situation. The man, identified as Lawrence Pine, was arrested on what was his sixteenth DWI. At the time of the arrest two children aged 8 and 11 were in the car. The accused hit a parked car before driving off.

There are some people who believe why this person does not receive the death penalty for his inability to exercise restraint on his freedom. He does not care about other citizens at all, apparently not even about his own family.

Pine Attacks His Children, Despises Law & Order

Officers found that Pine had left his Hastings home when they arrived to investigate a possible domestic violence situation. He was under the influence of alcohol when he drove away from the scene with his two children. Officers later learned that he was the father of the two children and had reportedly kicked and hit them in the car.

An immediate attempt was made by officers to locate the Pine’s vehicle. Reports were received by dispatch that the vehicle was seen dangerously weaving through traffic on Main Street and was approaching the area of Safeway West. The vehicle was finally located at a gas station on Murray Drive where the police finally identified Pine as the driver.

Multiple Charges

Pine was arrested and charged with DUI, two counts of child abuse, and several other charges related to drunk driving. This included open container, failure to maintain traffic lanes, and driving with a suspended license. He was also charged for possession of drug paraphernalia, which officers found during the DUI investigation.

He was taken to San Juan Regional Medical Center after a warrant was obtained for a blood draw to determine his blood alcohol level. He attempted to escape while he was there and was slapped with the additional charge for attempting to escape from custody. Santa Fe DUI attorneys say that according to New Mexico DUI law, it is illegal to drive with a breath or blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent.

New Year Sparks of DUI Arrests

The New Year’s holiday sparked off a spate of drunk driving incidents in Farmington, with police arresting eighteen people in San Juan County. This happened despite 25 officers from Farmington police department being on patrol during New Year’s holiday. According to police Sgt. David Karst a total of 10 drunken driving arrests were made over the holiday while the New Mexico police department arrested seven people for drunken driving in the county. A total of seventeen people were arrested statewide by the New Mexico State Police. Twenty eight citations for speeding and two citations for not wearing a seatbelt in San Juan County were issued by the State police officers.

One person was arrested for drunken driving by deputies according to Sgt. Kyle Lincoln of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. Bloomfield police Chief Randy Foster said his department did not make any drunken driving arrests during the New Year’s holiday. A press release states that throughout January, the New Mexico State Police will conduct sobriety checkpoints all over New Mexico, which is a welcome move say Santa Fe attorneys.