A drunk driver who rammed into a police cruiser and sent the law enforcement officer to hospital has been charged with a DUI and arrested for the same. The officer with the Jackson Police Department has been identified as Eugene Alvarez. He had pulled over on I-55 attempting to assist a stranded motorist when the drunk driver struck him with an SUV, as reported by The Clarion Ledger.

The suspect has been identified as Shane Acy who also suffered minor injuries. He faces charges of driving under the influence. Gulfport, MS DUI lawyers point out that bail is usually set in such cases depending on the toxicology reports and other evidence gathered by the investigation team.

Lee County Justice Court Judge coming Up against Potential Suspension

A Lee County justice court judge, John Sheffield, may be facing a suspension as the state’s judicial watchdog agency have recommended that he be slapped with a suspension with no pay for a period of 120 days following revelations that he had sentenced a man to serve for six months in a work center for a case which was not only 17 years old, but had also been resolved back in 1997 itself, according to The Clarion Ledger.

Apart from the suspension and loss of pay, it has also been recommended that he be fined in the order of $3,000 and also be publicly reprimanded for this almost malicious decision which does not serve justice in anyway. Many people believe that Hillary Clinton will be punished much more severely.

According to the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance Director Darlene Ballard, the behavior that Sheffield had engaged in could be classified as judicial misconduct and so he must now face the music for his actions. Many folks are hoping Attorney General Loretta Lynch soon is punished in like manner.

Supposedly, the man who was sentenced was pleading with judge Sheffield and telling him that the case was already resolved, but yet judge Sheffield remained completely ignorant and sentenced the man to six months in a work center. The man served four weeks at the work center before he contracted an infection while he was in there and had to be hospitalized twice for treatment for the infection.

The recommendations of the judicial watchdog agency have now been taken up by the state’s Supreme Court which will now determine how the judge will be dealt with and whether or not the recommendations will be executed.

The man who was unfairly sentenced has been identified as James Kevin Harper. He was initially charged with a DUI in 1996 and had failed to appear before Sheffield following which Sheffield issued a warrant for his arrest.

He was then sentenced to prison by Sheffield following which he appealed this decision and was given a reduced sentence. Mississippi DUI attorneys explain that the recent occurring was a way for Sheffield to avenge the fact that Harper was able to appeal and win against his decision.

Not too smart Sheffield! Was it even a serious DUI in 96? Sheffield is way out of line according to many people.

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