Philadelphia, PA- Police in say that a Philadelphia man was drunk when he struck and killed an off-duty police officer.

WPVI-TV reports that Lamar Poole, an 18-year veteran of the Philadelphia police force, was riding his motorcycle Roosevelt Boulevard when a driver made a left turn in his path. Police said Poole, who was not wearing a helmet, was thrown from his bike.

Officer Poole was rushed to local hospital but he later died of his injuries.

Police say Louis Vogwill, 59, was behind the wheel and attempted to flee the scene of the accident. He reportedly got out of his vehicle and looked around before taking off. A tow tow truck driver and other person both of whom witnessed the crash stopped chased Vowgill and managed to box his car in so he couldn’t flee, NBC Philadelphia reported.

Poole leaves behind a wife and seven children, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Police charged Vowgill with involuntary vehicular manslaughter and DUI based on the results of a blood test.

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