Without a doubt, people who are impaired and behind the wheel are a huge nuisance to society and frowned upon for their total disregard for the safety of others. Hence, they are usually on the lookout for police and avoid DUI checkpoints so that could make it home uneventfully. However, in the case of 58-year old Ricky Fullmer, he was drunk and drove right into the back of a Pinellas County police car. Inevitably, he was apprehended and now faces charges of DUI and property damage, as per a wtsp.com report.

According to Pinellas police reports, the cop emerged from the crash unscathed but a prisoner who was in the back seat of the cop car had to be transported to a hospital for treatment but is now stable and back in jail. Fullmer, the alleged drunk driver is also in jail in lieu of bond.

The accident occurred as the police vehicle was stopped at a red light at 49th Street and Park Boulevard in Pinellas Park. It is not clear whether Fullmer has a DUI attorney or whether he will need to be appointed one by the state. If he wants an outstanding one, he should look no further than here: USAttorneys.com.

Legal malpractice lawsuit begins with surprises no one was expecting

The story dates back to several years ago where it all began in a defamation lawsuit in which two radio and talk show hosts accused each other of defamation. The parties involved were Todd “MJ” Schnitt, a radio personality, and Bubba the love sponge, anchor of the Bubba the love sponge show, as reported by Tampabay.com.

The legal battle intensified over the years. Unfortunately for Schnitt his allegations were dismissed and Bubba emerged victorious after Schnitt’s attorney was caught drinking and driving. When the judge declared the verdict Bubba and his legal team were ecstatic and even high-fived each other.


Unfortunately for the three attorneys that were defending Bubba, the battle may have been won but the war was far from over. It was then alleged that Bubba’s defense team had intentionally sent a female accomplice to coax Schnitt’s attorney into having a few drinks with her at a local bar and had then reported Schnitt’s attorney to the police for drunken driving as soon as he go into his car and drove away. Schnitt’s attorney was pulled over, arrested and charged with DUI and Schnitt’s claims were dismissed altogether.

One of the three lawyers willing to testify after years of silence

Now a disciplinary trial has begun for Bubba’s three attorneys, according to an ABC Action News report. As mentioned, they have been accused of orchestrating the DUI arrest of an opposing lawyer. The first day of trial had a few surprises in store. One of the attorneys put his law license on the line by offering to give it up if it meant that the law firm itself would not be forced to shut down. Another attorney who had maintained silence for years after the initial allegations has finally said that he is going to testify.

No one forced anyone to drive drunk though! He did that all on his own.

The female accomplice has been identified as Melissa Personius who flexed her Fifth Amendment right when she was called upon to testify. Personius said she refused to answer when questioned about her whereabouts and actions on the night of the arrest.

Hire a Pinellas County DUI attorney

According to Pinellas County DUI attorneys, first time DUI offenders can face a jail term between 6 to 9 months in addition to fines from $500 up to $1,000. They will also have their driving license suspended for 6 months up to 1 year and will be required to install an ignition interlock device. If you or a loved one are arrested and charged, it is important to contact an experienced and tenacious DUI attorney right away to protect your rights.