A man hails from Fairfield, identified as 32-year old Michael Thomas Anderson, Jr. has pleaded guilty of his charges and has consequentially been handed a five year prison term, according to Al.com.

Anderson was involved in a fatal crash where he was driving while impaired. The crash claimed the lives of two innocent pedestrians. Furthermore, after the crash, Anderson drove away and so was technically also guilty of a hit and run. The crash occurred back in 2012.

All sorts of crimes

Apart from the minimum 5 years that he has to spend behind bars in prison, Anderson will serve an additional five years under supervised probation upon his release. The sentence is also punishment for other charges that Anderson was convicted of such as possession of a firearm and possession and intent to sell a controlled substance (cocaine).

According to court documents, if in case Anderson violates the terms of his probation after being released he will have to serve another 15 years in prison. The deceased victims of Anderson’s poor judgment and life choices have been identified as 4 year old Michael Cummings and 35 year old Latosha Jenkins.

DUI is on the decline. Alabama an exception?

According to state police records, DUI deaths in the state of Alabama have been increasing steadily in the recent years as, this trend is contradictory to what is happening in the rest of the country. As per statistical data, DUI fatalities and incidents have been successfully curbed and is on the decline year after year in other parts of the United States, as reported by MyFoxal.com.

Statistics indicate that across the nation, DUI incidents have reduced by a percentile of 2.5 whereas in Alabama it has increased by a shocking 8.3%. Experts are not able to comprehend why Alabama has become an exception, especially considering that they have equally strict penalties for perpetrators and the law enforcement are just as focused on apprehending suspects.

According to expert DUI attorneys, the city of Huntsville, where a majority of DUI arrests take place, needs a bigger fleet of taxis. Apparently, there are only as few as 60 taxis in Huntsville and people need to wait for a long time to grab one. This may be why a lots of people that are out drinking decide to drive themselves because the wait is too long.

USAttorneys.com has a poignant list of DUI attorneys that are ready to help you out in your time of need and frustration. It is their fault there is not enough taxis but it will be their fault when your charges are reduced or dropped for sloppy police work and your professional representation.

State trooper accused of driving police vehicle while drunk resigns

A trooper who was accused of taking advantage of his patrol car and weapon and using them illegally to initiate a domestic violence incident while being inebriated was demoted by the police department initially but has now bowed out of the police force by resigning, as per Al.com.

According to the report provided by his estranged wife, Trooper Gary Shannon Gates showed up at her house intoxicated and even pointed his gun at her.

Penalties for first offense DUI in Alabama

Have you been charged with a DUI for the first time? Do you think that just because you have clean record and background you’re going to get let off easy? Sorry to burst your bubble, but that cannot be further from the truth. Alabama frowns upon DUI and has very strict consequences for those that are convicted of DUI, even if it is a first offense DUI.

According to Birmingham AL DUI attorneys, these penalties may include – hefty fines, prison time, mandatory alcohol and drug counselling at your expense, installation of ignition interlock devices on all of your vehicles at your expense, installation of an ankle monitor at your expense, and community service.

If you want to stand a real chance of beating your charges and evading the aforementioned penalties, it will only happen when you have an experienced Birmingham DUI attorney by your side. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you consult an attorney without wasting any more time if you really want to save yourself a lot of money, time, and have a better chance of keeping your reputation intact.