34 year old Daniel Spencer of Murphysboro, Illinois has been sentenced to serve two years in prison after he was convicted on aggravated drunken driving charges. Spencer did not contest his charges and instead pleaded guilty to them, according to kfvs12.com.

The incident in question occurred one day before Valentine’s Day last year. The accident is reported to have occurred at the intersection of Old Highway 13 and Duck Lane in the proximity of rural Murphysboro, just about 20 miles from Herrin, IL. Calls came in to 911 reporting a crash following which Jackson County law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene. They spotted a brown Ford Crown Victoria that had ended up outside the highway in a ditch to on the southern side of the highway.

Supposedly, according to investigators, the Ford ploughed into a tree a quarter mile of the south side of the highway with such great impact that it uprooted the entire tree. The car was occupied by two persons according to investigators and the details mentioned in the arrest report, both of the occupants were rushed to a medical facility in Carbondale.


A blood sample was withdrawn from the driver while at the hospital and a toxicology report revealed that Spencer had a blood alcohol content level of 0.314%. His BAC level was likely higher at the time of the crash since the blood. According to Herrin IL DUI attorneys who can be found right here http://www.kochanlaw.com/, the legal limit for an adult driving a non-commercial vehicle in the state of Illinois is 0.08%. Both Spencer and the other occupant in the car suffered broken bones in the pelvic area.

Car pulled over for unsafe load, occupants had taken four ladders from a Home Depot store

Elmhurst Police Department pulled over a truck as it was speeding and carrying a load in an unsafe manner. However, little did they know that the occupants of the truck had just committed burglary at a Home Depot, according to a report by patch.com.

Nabbed another one

After interrogation and some investigation, arresting officers determined that the duo in the truck had stolen four ladders and eleven shelving beams and were transporting it in the truck bed. Furthermore, the driver, identified as 50 year old David Berkshire, did not hold a valid driver’s license, and had a warrant for his arrest in connection with a drunken driving arrest.

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DUI laws – Illinois

DUI offenders in Illinois are not shown any mercy when it comes to punishment. The state has many measures in place to hamper drunken driving. This includes campaigns to spread awareness, regular DUI checkpoints, and strict punishments for those convicted.

Punishments include prison terms which can be for several years depending on the severity of the DUI charge and if the offender has prior DUI convictions. This is why it is crucial for those who maybe unfairly charged with DUI to appoint a qualified Herrin IL DUI attorney and work on preparing evidence and testimonies to prove that they are innocent. If you are looking for a DUI lawyer, you are in luck since your DUI prayer can be possibly lived up to if you click right here.