In an attempt to avoid a DUI arrest and charge, a man from Key Largo identified as 51 year old Johnny De Brule, allegedly locked up his car doors and drove away despite officers signaling at him to pullover.

As reported by, the suspect was driving a black Dodge Charger and was noticed by a law enforcement officer who was on patrol duty parked with its engine running outside a business establishment which had shut down several months earlier and had not reopened yet.

When the law enforcement officer got up to the Charger and approached the driver, he almost instantaneously smelt a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car. The officer then asked De Brule to step outside and be subjected to standardized field sobriety tests at which point De Brule refused to do so and instead locked up his car doors and hit the officers hand when the officer attempted to reach in and unlock them and sped away dangerously.

He drove away in a southerly direction according to the testimony of the officer. Furthermore, the officer says that De Brule said, “I am not doing this” as he drove away.

DUI lawyers in Palm Beach, FL, who can be found on which is a site that is free to use and that is dedicated to helping people obtain the legal help they need in a plethora of categories anywhere in the country, explain that such behavior can only add to the penalties and punishment. In this case, De Brule has been charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and fleeing and eluding police officers.

Law enforcement officers then pursued De Brule all the way to his residence in Bahama Avenue where he pulled over at his home, got out of the car, disregarded police commands to stop and walked towards his house. Law enforcement officers then tackled De Brule to the ground right in front of the entrance to his house. They then proceeded to handcuff and take him into custody.

New State Attorney―what will it mean for DUI drivers?

Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren is new to the office and while getting to know him, a very good question was brought up in a room full of legal counselors about what his outlook on DUI and first time DUI offenders is going to be, according to a report.

In the State of Florida, currently, first time DUI offenders are let off the hook without court trials or criminal records for certain less serious drunk driving related offenses. Will the new State Attorney contemplate beginning a diversion program for people charged with a DUI?

There are two sides to the coin. Allow for first time misdemeanor offenders to fly under the radar and you would be condoning DUIs and going against everything that organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers stand for or slap first time offenders with criminal charges which are more damaging. What does the new State Attorney think? We will have to wait and see.

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