Two individuals who were detained and held by the Cook County sheriff’s office have died in the past week, and surprisingly, there aren’t many details that explain why this is. But, if you have ever been arrested, have a loved who was, or have watched documentaries, you might already be aware that once a suspect is taken into custody, there is little regard for their wellbeing and their health. Perhaps that is why these two men we are going to discuss are no longer alive.

According to CBS Chicago, Franciso Marchan, 52, was arrested by Chicago Police this past Monday for aggravated DUI. He caused an accident at Lemoyne and Pulaski street and was found inside his vehicle when police arrived on scene. Sheriffs then took him into custody and ordered that he be “held without bond because of a prior bond forfeiture on a DUI charge.

While the news source highlighted that Marchan went to the Cermak Hospital at the jail, he began to experience significant head trauma and other symptoms. He was then transferred to Stroger Hospital where he died, perhaps from the injuries he sustained in the DUI accident. An autopsy was scheduled to be conducted and the sheriff’s office was required to notify Illinois State Police who is expected to review the death.

Was Marchan neglected simply because he was guilty of DUI?

Although Marchan was bought in on DUI charges, it seems as though he may have not received the care he was supposed to be given seeing that he was just involved in a vehicular accident. Although he was being kept in the hospital on the jail grounds doesn’t exactly mean he was being treated. But, Marchan is now the second individual to die while being held in a Cook County jail in the past week. CBS Chicago identified the first man as Jerome Monroe, 56, who allegedly died in his sleep. He was being held after arrested by Chicago Police for possession of a controlled substance.

An autopsy that was conducted did not rule on his cause of death and a pending review is now underway.

The fact is, jail is a dangerous place as it is. But, when an individual comes in guilty of committing a crime such as driving while under the influence, if they are suffering from life-threatening injuries, it is expected that they be treated for them. That is why jails are built with hospital wings so that inmates and those coming in can receive the proper care they need so that their life is not placed at risk. Unfortunately, not all do.

Therefore, it is important that anyone who is currently facing a DUI charge in Chicago or knows someone who has already been detained seek help from a Chicago DUI lawyer immediately. They have permission to visit these individuals while in the custody of police and can monitor and work to ensure they are cared for in the manner that is expected. To find a DUI defense lawyer in Chicago now, contact