A 43-year old man identified as Elmer Yellow Hair Jr. has confessed that he did in fact receive a stolen car in the state of Nebraska and crashed it in South Dakota while driving under the influence, as reported by Kdlt.com.

The incident occurred back in 2009. According to investigators, Hair Jr. was drunk and crashed the stolen Subaru Outback into another car in Mitchell. Hair Jr. is originally from Tucson. He is also irresponsible.

Can Hair Jr. be trusted?

Shockingly, when police tested Hair Jr. for alcohol, the breathalyzer test results revealed that his blood alcohol content was over four times the maximum legal limit for driving non-commercial vehicles of 0.08. In his confession, Hair Jr. admitted to have been drinking Vodka before he got behind the wheel.

24/7 Sobriety – A South Dakota anti DUI program is being studied for possible nationwide application

According to expert DUI attorneys, South Dakota may have a program in place which is simply the best strategy to adopt when it comes to countering the issues of DUI and even domestic violence. The program is called 24/7 sobriety and is going to be studied and researched by experts in the field to see if they can possibly apply the core of the program in other parts of the country to curb the practice of drunken driving even further, as reported by Newscenter1.tv.

According to the RAND commission, the program employs a principle of frequent alcohol testing which has proven to be effective by reducing DUI arrests by nearly 12% and domestic violence arrests by as much as 9%.

How to beat your South Dakota drunken driving charges?

It is possible for people to be incorrectly charged with drunken driving. In fact, according to Rapid City SD DUI attorneys, it is a very common occurrence which can be attributed to the fact that sobriety testing machines and methods are not always accurate and are vulnerable to fluctuations which are only aggravated by half-trained or improperly trained arresting officers. Furthermore, there have also been cases where law enforcement officers have arrested innocent people for DUI simply because they did not like how these persons reacted or behaved when they were pulled over or for some other illegitimate reason.

If this seems farfetched to you it is certainly not for the awesome DUI attorneys found on USAttorneys.com. They are ready to hear what you have to say.

If convicted of a DUI, a person’s life is forever affected. They are not only subjected to stringent punishments which include jail-time, hefty fines, mandatory alcohol/drug counseling, installation of ignition interlock devices on all their vehicles and in some cases installation of ankle sobriety bracelets but also they may find that their professional and personal lives will also be negatively impacted.

They may be suspended from work and their character and public image and reputation will forever be tainted. This is why it is crucial that anyone charged with a DUI do whatever they can within their power to fight the charges filed against them.

To give yourself the best chance of beating your DUI case, you will require an experienced South Dakota DUI attorney who is well versed with the finer aspects of DUI laws and will be able to come up with several ways to get the whole case dismissed. If they cannot, they will do their best and they will certainly improve your chances of not having the entire law book tossed at you.