Daniel Cleary has been apprehended and put in custody for not complying with the stipulated terms and conditions of his bail. Cleary was initially arrested in December 2014 and then released on bail for having kidnapped his sons, as reported by NBC. Kidnapping is even worse than driving drunk according to Peachtree Corners, Georgia DUI attorneys.

Cleary was arrested after his son who was in his backyard earlier spotted Cleary hiding behind a tree with a knife in his hand. The son screamed out for his mother who attempted to get out of the house to investigate the scene. However, Cleary threw a tree branch at the mother as a warning to back off.

Responding officers attempted to stop Cleary but he refused to cooperate and eventually led them on a high speed car pursuit. They were able to track him down and stop his vehicle at which point he got out of the car and threatened to kill himself. However, a law enforcement officer was able to use a stun gun or taser to incapacitate him and they were finally able to secure him in handcuffs.

Prosecutors have hit Cleary with multiple charges including aggravated stalking, driving under the influence, fleeing or attempting to elude, over speeding and reckless vehicle operation. He is currently being held at Gwinnett County jail. It is not known whether Cleary has a Georgia, DUI attorney or will need to be appointed a defense attorney by the state.

Fatal in a fatal accident (pun intended)

Hip hop and rap star Hussein Fatal’s girlfriend Zanetta L. Yearby faces drunken driving related charges after she crashed her vehicle in Georgia in the early hours of Friday morning last week.

As reported by hiphopdx.com, the rapper sadly died as a result of the accident. He was ejected from his car seat and it is not known whether he had his seat belt on. Yearby also faces charges of lane maintenance failure, DUI causing death, vehicular homicide, not carrying copy of insurance policy etc. The deceased Fatal was a popular rapper and was a member of the gang Outlawz which was founded by the late Tupac. Investigations regarding what exactly caused the accident are still on-going.

Why was Fatal driving with someone drunk? Tupac should have rapped about wearing a seat belt. He did rap about him and his girlfriend though, interesting how this worked out according to that song.

DeKalb police say man that caused triple fatality DUI accident attempted to run

According to DeKalb law enforcement officers, 27-year old Marvin Lynch ran a red light in his Mercedes and subsequently ploughed into a Nissan Maxima. The impact was enough to kill all three occupants of the Maxima right away and they were later officially pronounced dead on the scene by emergency medical technicians.

Marvin Lynch made some tragic mistakes

As reported by ajc.om, Lynch stopped and so did another person who was not involved in the crash but had witnessed it, as the witness was attempting to render aid, Lynch got into the witnesses car and tried to escape but other drivers and onlookers were able to restrain him until the authorities arrived and arrested him.


Georgia DUI laws

According to Peachtree Corners, Georgia DUI attorneys, the punishment for a DUI conviction includes heavy fines, jail time, community service, and enrollment in a court ordered alcohol treatment program. There are several factors that could lead to harsher punishments. If you are facing some stiff penalties, USAttorneys.com is the place for you. There are outstanding attorneys on this site ready to help you out regardless on which side of the law you are on.

In addition, anyone who refuses a breath test or blood test will have their license suspended for a year. This only makes sense. Anyone who is not drunk would not have no problem taking a breath test. Moreover, the court may also order the installation of an ignition interlock device. Judges are unlikely to be lenient, therefore, it is always prudent to consult an experienced Georgia DUI attorney.