A man from Alabama has been taken into custody on suspicion of a DUI while he was waiting in line at an elementary school in order to pick up his child in Fort Payne, as reported by al.com. The suspect in the case has been identified as 60 year old Clyde William Roden.

He was identified and arrested mid-week after a school resource officer Chris Massey noticed the man visibly impaired and reported this as he should have done. The school in question mentioned in police reports is Wills Valley Elementary School situated on Williams Avenue Northeast. Police Chief Randy Bynum also confirmed the details as mentioned in the police report.

Driving drunk is not smart and it is selfish (not all the time) but doing so with a child is just derelict. Society cannot tolerate that. If you need legal help for any DUI situation, get on USAttorneys.com. This site does not hold anyone accountable, if you need a legal counselor we will help you find one no matter what you are accused of doing.

Bynum commented to media personnel in an interview and said that it was always a bad decision to get behind the wheel while drunk, but added that it was especially a bad decision given the fact that it put the lives of so many school children at risk.

It has not been confirmed yet as to whether Roden was driving under the influence of alcohol or some other impairment causing substance.

The circumstances are still under investigation. Impressive DUI lawyers in Prichard, AL point out that anyone found operating a vehicle while under the influence with a child/children as passengers will also face additional charges of child endangerment.

Morgan County pharmacy owner in custody for a suspected DUI

A man identified as Jason Glen Spencer has been taken into custody on suspected drunken driving. He happens to be the owner of Quality Discount Drugs in Eva in Morgan County as per police reports and is well known in the area. According to Hartselle police officers, as many as three persons called in to report a man driving erratically.

According to whnt.com, Spencer has been a licensed pharmacist in the state of Alabama since 2006, but his license has now come under the scanner due to this incident. His license expired on the 31st of December and he is currently not practicing.

The Pharmacy Board of Alabama is conducting their own investigation into the case apart from the investigation being carried out by The Morgan County Drug Task Force.

It is not certain at the moment what sort of impairment causing substance Spencer was on.

Furthermore, this is not the first time Spencer has been on the wrong side of the law with regards to driving under the influence. Supposedly, he was arrested for a DUI in September of 2016 as well. So he is having a bad few months. Legal scholars explain that this could have an impact on the penalties and punishments meted out due to multiple DUIs.

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